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Title: A Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Logic and PID Controller in Industrial Application of Flywheel
Authors: Singh, Amanpreet
Supervisor: Kaur, Gagandeep
Keywords: PIfly wheelD;FLC;PID control;Fuzzy logic controller
Issue Date: 20-Aug-2012
Abstract: In this thesis work, I have considered the case study of flywheel. The conventional control scheme i.e PID controller is always effective in the actual applications in any of the industrial control system. Unwanted variations in the desired results are sometimes seen due to unknown causes. These unknown causes need to be considered so that actual results which a system is supposed to produce. In this thesis work the fluctuation in motor generator set due to variations in the applied voltage, induced current or speed variation are actually badly affecting the working of motor generator set so the fly wheel is used to help the system to perform better. In some other cases where load is increased or decreased or if load is fluctuating a stable performance of system is required. These variations are due to uncertain causes which are knowingly or unknowingly affecting the system performance are considered in fuzzy logic controller. The convention PID controllers are unable to formulate control scheme for them. The intelligent control like FLC is considering these uncertain causes within their domain. Hence the flywheel which is safe guarding and controlling the motor generator set effectively .The control scheme using FLC formulated in this thesis’s work shows considerably efficient work
Description: M.E. (EIC)
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