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Title: Strength Properties and Sulphate Resistance of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume and Metakolin
Authors: Gill, Anhad Singh
Supervisor: Siddique, R.
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2012
Abstract: A self-compacting concrete (SCC) is the one that can be placed in the form and can go through obstructions by its own weight and without the need of vibration. Since its first development in Japan in 1988, SCC has gained wider acceptance in Japan, Europe and USA due to its inherent distinct advantages. The major advantage of this method is that SCC technology offers the opportunity to minimize or eliminate concrete placement problems in difficult conditions. And it avoids having to repeat the same kind of quality control test on concrete, which consumes both time and labour. Construction and placing becomes faster & easier. It eliminates the need for vibration & reducing the noise pollution. SCC provides better quality especially in the members having reinforcement congestion or decreasing the permeability and improving durability of concrete. The primary aim of this study is to investigate the strength properties (compressive strength and splitting tensile strength) and sulphate resistance of self compacting concrete made with Silica fume and Metakolin. For this purpose cement is replaced by weight in three different proportions of 5%, 10% and 15% by Silica fume and Metakolin respectively. Specimens are tested for compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and sulphate resistance. Testing is done at age of 7, 28 and 56 days. Self compacting concrete made in this work by incorporating Silica fume and Metakolin passes all plasctic stage tests of SCC. Furthermore hardened stage tests (compressive strength and splitting tensile strength) results were also positive. There was increase of 18 – 38% compressive strength with incorporation of Silca fume and 15 – 45% increase with incorporation of metakolin. Also there was increase in sulphate resistance of SCC when cement is replaced by Silica fume and metakolin .
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