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Title: Performance Analysis of ZigBee Protocol in Smart Dust Communication Network
Authors: Kumar, Sandeep
Supervisor: Singh, V. P.
Keywords: Communication Network;Zigbee Protocol
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2012
Abstract: Smart Dust is comprised of a vast number of ultra-small fully autonomous computing, communication and sensing devices. It has very restricted energy and computing capabilities that co-operate to accomplish a large sensing task. Smart Dust sensing devices are capable of gathering many types of information from the environment including temperature, light, humidity and vibrations. Such devices exchange information with either to other nodes or to the outside world without being physically connected to another device. These sensor networks are very different from traditional networks since sensor nodes (SNs) are very small devices with many electronic components such as memory, CPU, radio and sensor and each of these components consumes power. SNs have a battery and can work only as long as the battery lasts. In other words, it is very important to optimize every computation in order to increase the sensor’s lifetime. The present research work is the performance analysis of Smart Dust Network in terms of number of nodes, number of nodes/cluster and distance from the PAN coordinator. The work is implemented using energy-efficient ZigBee Protocol and simulated using NS2 Simulator. This thesis comprises of 5 Chapters, Chapter 1 describes Smart Dust Network, its applications, Network topologies and ZigBee protocol. Chapter 2 describes Literature Survey. Chapter 3 specifies the problem statement, objective defined for this thesis and methodology to achieve these objectives. Chapter 4 describes Simulation Environment and Results of analysis. Chapter 5 concludes the overall thesis with overall observations and future work is highlighted.
Description: Master of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering)
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