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Title: Designing an Interface for Improving Reuse in Web Engineering
Authors: Goyal, Kshitij
Supervisor: Goel, Shivani
Keywords: reuse;web engineering;improving reuse
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2012
Abstract: Web engineering (WebE) is a discipline which deals with the web based systems and applications, their analysis, designing, cost effective development, operations, testing of web applications according to their operations needed to be performed and maintenance of the high quality applications. WebE evolved a lot in past few years. The web applications are built using W3C standards. In developing Web-Apps quality is important aspect. But usability, performance, or security aspects need special attention. These applications must be built keeping in mind the wide range of users. There are many things which are common in many websites in a particular domain. By reusing the web based application’s in a successful way, another one can be developed. The development and evolution of Web applications by reusing existing software artifacts is an important goal to reduce costs and to increase quality. But reuse in this case is not easy because of the legacy of the Web. Components are being used to promote reuse. As, these components are built with reuse point of view, they provide the general functionalities along with something unique. New component-based technologies and support for service-oriented architectures are being developed and a continuous research is going on to address the related problems with an increasing set of dedicated solutions. The selection of components is a complex mechanism. Many challenges for reuse in web engineering have been identified from literature review and a survey has been conducted to find critical issues during life cycle phases in web engineering and solutions are provided to handle these. In this thesis work, a tool is designed for suggesting the best reusable component which will be the result of search done by the user on the priority basis in all phases of web engineering. The component will be searched by the priority assigned by the user according to his requirements.
Description: M.E. (Software Engineering)
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