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Title: An Efficient Algorithm for Fetching and Processing of Disk based Data Structures
Authors: Singla, Sahil
Supervisor: Kumar, Ravinder
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2012
Abstract: Data sets are often too immense to fit completely inside the computer‟s main memory and must instead reside on disk. If data set will be kept in main memory it will be very costly. A computer must retrieve required data and place it in internal memory to process it. Efficient data structures, like b-tree, b+ tree, are used to process large datasets. Nodes of these data structures are buffered in memory using data structures like arrays, linked list. In this thesis an algorithm is proposed which gives better results in case of disk based data structure and can be used for those disk based data structures which uses the concept of immediate modification i.e. when modification will be done in buffered structure (present in memory), an immediate modification will be done on disk . Although in case of disk based data structures the processing time is much less but if we try to reduce the processing time of CPU it will also gives beneficial results. Number of maximum disk accesses depends on height of b-tree which is O( logblocksize2 n) [1], there is no change in the number of disk accesses. But the CPU processing time in case of search, insert, delete operation is modified, reduced to O logn from O n . The modified algorithms of b-tree are also provided in this thesis.
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