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Title: Capacity and Quality Enhancement in Image Steganography using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Authors: Kumar, Robin
Supervisor: Singh, Singara
Keywords: DWT;PSNR;steganography
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2012
Abstract: Communication is essential for enhancement of knowledge but many times the information to be shared is too important that, it must be reach to the authentic receiver. Here an issue of security is generated during communication. The perfectly secure and reliable communication is still a major issue. The communication may include text, image, audio, video or other file format. Steganography is a term that is used for covered writing and image steganography term used for secure sharing of digital image. Capacity and robustness are also another issues during communication. All three aspects are desired simultaneously, but practically it is not possible. So a proper balance among three, is required which depends upon application to application. It is still a field of research to achieve all three aspects at a time. In this work, a study is accomplished on the existing methods of image stegnography and it is found that system needs the improvement. Here an approach is proposed to enhance the capacity, security and robustness. Algorithm is divided into two sections, the first one deals with quality and the second one deals with capacity and robustness. Experimental results show that, the approach is superior over the existing methods.
Description: Master of Technology (Computer Science and Applications)
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