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Title: DDoS Attacks and Their Alleviation Using Iptables
Authors: Dahiya, Ravinder
Supervisor: Singh, Maninder
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2012
Abstract: Denial of Service (DOS) is a network security attack vector that poses a serious challenge to trust worthiness of services deployed on the servers. The aim of DOS attacks is to make services unavailable to legitimate users by flooding the victim with legitimate like request and current network architectures allow easy to launch, hard to stop DOS attacks. Threats of DOS attacks have become even more severe with DDOS attacks. It is an attempt by malicious users to carry out DOS attack indirectly with the help of many compromised on the internet. Attackers can compromise a huge number of computers by spreading a computer worm using vulnerabilities in popular operating systems. As is said, to fight against this enemy and knowing basics about it, this work discusses some of the methods to do DOS and DDOS attacks by using automated tools as well as by creating compromised machine who become part of attack unwillingly. This work also explores the efficient packet filtering technique using firewall to defend against DOS/ DDOs attacks traffic.
Description: ME- Software EngineeringThesis June 2012
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