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Title: Epoxy Layered Silicate Nanocomposites as Matrix in Fibre Reinforced Composites
Authors: Mahajan, Sumit
Supervisor: Sharma, Bikramjit
Mehta, Rajeev
Keywords: Composites
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2011
Abstract: An economical and viable option to conventional and high cost materials is the use of fiber glass/epoxy composites, but for impact applications their toughness still has to be enhanced. The toughness and other mechanical properties can be improved by using very small amount of nanoclay into an epoxy system. In the present work epoxy modified with Closite 30B (1 wt%, 3 wt% and 5 wt%) nanoclay is used with E-glass unidirectional fibers to manufacture fiber reinforced nanocomposite using hand layup method. The nanocomposites have been characterized using XRD and SEM. The mechanical properties are measured by carrying out tensile tests, hardness tests and flexural tests, values are compared with those found for fiber reinforced epoxy composites. The mechanical test shows that the presence of 3 wt% nano-clay largely increases tensile and flexural strength. The flexural and tensile properties have to be improved by 57% and 8% respectively by adding 3 wt% of nanoclay. Micro hardness improved at 3 wt% of nanoclay loading and then decreased at further loading. Further durability studies on nanocomposites have been performed in water and NaOH baths under accelerated hygrothermal loading. Water uptake of epoxy was reduced by the addition of glass fiber and nanoclay. During exposure it is observed that the properties degradation in NaOH environment was more severe as compared to simple water.
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