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Title: Role of Proximity Interaction in Fusion-Fission and Related Phenomena
Authors: Rajni
Supervisor: Sharma, Manoj Kumar
Keywords: Skyreme Energy Density Formulas;Proximity Potential;GSKI;SIII Force
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Abstract: Proximity interactions have been studied for three channel i.e. 64Ni+112,118,124Sn176,182,188PtA1+A2. The role of Proximity potential has been studied for above mentioned nuclear reactions using semi classical Extended Thomas Fermi (ETF) approach in SEDF under frozen approximation. Dynamical Cluster Decay (DCM) model is used to investigate the decay pattern whereas ℓ-summed Wong formula has been used for the estimation of fusion excitation functions. The present work consists of three chapters. Chapter 1: Introductionary part of all proximity potentials, its different versions and related historical background in reference to fusion-fission dynamics. Chapter 2: Contains Dynamical cluster Decay Model (DCM), which has been extensively used during last one decade to understand the decay mechanism of nuclear systems formed in heavy ion reactions. In this work we have exploited the advantage of using different Skyrme forces, giving different barriers within one reaction. The dynamical cluster Decay Model (DCM) is a vibrant model which includes the deformation effects of nuclear system and the preformation probability impart much needed nuclear structure information. Wong formula is also discussed in brief. Chapter 3: Consist of calculations and results. We observe that, the DCM based cross-sections (using GSkI force in proximity interaction) find good comparison with experimental data except at one highest energy, indicating a possibility of competing quasi-fission process at this highest energy. The ℓ-summed Wong formula, with effects of deformation and orientation of nuclei included, fits the fusion cross-sections data exactly for GSkI force, requiring additional barrier modification for SIII Skyrme force.
Description: M.Sc. (Physics)
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