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Title: Hardware Implementation of PMBLDC Drive for Automotive Application Using Microcontroller
Authors: Sharma, Gaurav Kumar
Supervisor: Singh, Shakti
Duvvuri, S.S.S.R.Sarathbabu
Keywords: BLDC;AT Mega-8;MOSFET;PWM Technique
Issue Date: 26-Sep-2011
Abstract: The main purpose of this project is to achieve speed control of brushless dc (BLDC) motor drive for commercial applications. The flexibility of the drive is increased by using the digital controller. The motor selected for the project is Permanent Magnet brush-less dc motor (BLDC). The control algorithms are implemented using Microcontroller ATmega8, which enables single chip, cost effective, modular and increased performance solutions for BLDC drives. For the software development; the input control information signals are position information from the Hall sensors, which are placed in BLDC motor and Duty cycle is based on the speed to be maintained. The assembly code has generated by using the Microcontroller. The PWM signals of all the switches observed using CRO and the control logic has verified. The 3-ф Inverter has designed using MOSFET’s for feeding BLDC motor. The proposed system includes Hall sensor signals from motor, programmed microcontroller, MOSFET based power circuit and its driver MOSFET’s are integrated and tested for the performance of the control system. The state of motor speed has been set by Hall signal frequency and duty cycle as digital input to microcontroller.
Description: M.E. (Power Systems and Electric Drives)
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