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Title: Effect of Different Wrapping Techniques on Retrofitting of RCC Beam Column Joints Using Ferrocement
Authors: Dar, Manzoor Ahmad
Supervisor: Kumar, Maneek
Bansal Prem Pal
Keywords: Retrofitting;Reinforced Concrete;Ferrocement
Issue Date: 25-Nov-2011
Abstract: Reinforced concrete structural components are found to exhibit distress, even before their service period is over due to several causes. Such unserviceable structures require immediate attention, enquiry into the cause of distress and suitable remedial measures, so as to bring the structures back to their functional use again. This strengthening and enhancement of the performance of such deficient structural elements in a structure or a structure as a whole is referred to as retrofitting. The all important issue to be addressed in retrofitting is life safety. What can be done to prevent collapse of the structure and prevent injury or death to occupants? Some retrofit requirements may try to address only the issue of life safety, while acknowledging that some structural damage may occur. Ferrocement as a retrofitting material can be pretty useful because it can be applied quickly to the surface of the damaged element without the requirement of any special bonding material and also it requires less skilled labour, as compared to other retrofitting solutions presently existing. The ferrocement construction has an edge over the conventional reinforced concrete material because of its lighter weight, ease of construction, low self-weight, thinner section as compared to RCC & a high tensile strength which makes it a favourable material for prefabrication also. In the present thesis RCC beam-column joints initially loaded to a prefixed percentage of the ultimate load are retrofitted using different technique of wrapping of ferrocement to increase the strength of beam-column joint. Then the results of retrofitted beam-column joints are compared with the controlled beam-column joint. Results show that there is an increase in load carrying capacity for beam-column joint retrofitted with ferrocement and the results vary from one technique of wrapping to second technique of wrapping. Also increase in yield load is observed.
Description: M.E. (Structures)
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