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Title: Analysis and Comparison of Scalar and Vector Control for Adjustable Speed AC Drives
Authors: Kaur, Kulraj
Supervisor: Singh, Shakti
Duvvri, S.S.S.R. Sarathbabu
Keywords: V/f control;PI;PWMVSI;Variable frequency drive(VFD);VSD
Issue Date: 18-Nov-2011
Abstract: The control and estimation of induction motor drives constitutes a vast subject and the technology has been advanced in recent years. The control and estimation of AC drives in general are considerably more complex than those of DC drives and this complexity increase substantially if high performances are demanded. The main reason for this complexity are the need of variable-frequency, harmonically optimum converter power supplies, the complex dynamics of AC machines ,machine parameter variations, and the difficulties of processing feedback signals in the presence of harmonics. The scalar V/f method is able to provide speed variation, but this method cannot provide real-time control. In other words, the system response is only satisfactory at steady state and not during transient conditions. The indirect field oriented controls, or vector control, for speed and torque controlled AC drives are becoming the industry standard in order to obtain high dynamic motor performance. The vector control of induction motor is used instead of conventional scalar control aims at decoupling the torque and flux producing components of the stator current under all operating speed and load conditions. Consequently, the drive can be tuned for quasi – instantaneous tracking of load and reference changes. Here in this thesis, several fundamental methods for speed control and efficiency enhancement are discussed. The complete proposed system is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation studies on induction motor using different techniques are carried out which is tested and recorded for its performance under various conditions and the result is compared with hardware.
Description: M.E. (Power Systems and Electric Drives)
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