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Title: Studies on Rehabilitation of Red Mud and Fly Ash Ponds using Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Authors: Babu, A.Giridhar
Supervisor: Reddy, M.Sudhkara
Keywords: Red mud;bauxite residue;Rehabilitation;Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi;fly ash;bacteria;Aspergillus
Issue Date: 19-Jul-2011
Abstract: Micro-field studies were conducted to rehabilitate the red mud (AM+ A.tubingensis + bacterial isolates) and fly ash using microbes (AM + A.tubingensis). Inoculation of microbes significantly increased the growth and nutrient uptake of bermudagrass grown in different red mud amended treatments. The maximum growth was observed in gypsum followed by sludge amended consortium and AM fungal inoculated treatments. Red mud properties were also enhanced by these treatments. These preliminary micro-field experimental results suggest that the rehabilitation of red mud can be achieved by combination or AM fungi with gypsum or sludge. Co-inoculation with AM fungi and A. tubingensis enhanced the growth and nutrient uptake of bamboo plants in fly ash compared to individual treatments. The properties of fly ash were improved compared to those of individual inoculation and control. The results showed that combination of AM fungi and A. tubingensis elicited a synergetic effect by increasing plant growth and uptake of nutrients with reducing metal translocation.
Description: Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
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