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Title: Characterization and Treatability Studies on Grey Water of Domestic Activities
Authors: Kaur, Tarandeep
Supervisor: Babu, K. S.
Keywords: Domestic;Wastewater;Characterization;Treatment
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2010
Abstract: Greywater is generated at domestic activities through wash basins, bathrooms, kitchen sinks and automobile cleaning etc. They often contain objectionable parameters, such as solids, organic, nutrients, coliforms etc restricting the disposal into water bodies/its beneficial uses. A study was performed on greywater generated from six residences of Adarsh Colony, Patiala, collected on monthly intervals and physico-chemical-biological parameters analyzed from the same. The samples analyzed showed clearly high values of pollution parameters necessitating a simple treatment scheme to suit the reuse as a medium at gardens for irrigation purpose.
Description: M.Tech. (Environmental Sciences and Technology)
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