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Title: α- Particle Induced Fusion-Fission Dynamics at E= 140 MeV
Authors: Sahni, Amanjot Kaur
Supervisor: Sharma, Manoj Kumar
Keywords: induced fission, evaporation residue
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2010
Abstract: Alpha particle induced fusion fission dynamics has been studied in present work for four targets i.e. nat Ag, 165Ho, 139 La and 197Au. The dynamical cluster-decay model (DCM) has been used for present set of calculations. The DCM based cross-section find reasonable comparison with experimental data for nat Ag, 139La, 165Ho and 197Au. In case of 139La, fragments in the fission range are largely suppressed and a cluster type emission is observed. All the calculations are done at incident energy E=140 MeV so the results carry some useful information regarding α-induced fission of nuclei under considerations. The present work consists of three chapters. The first chapter is introductory in nature. The second chapter consists of dynamical cluster-decay model developed to study the decay of compound nuclei (CN) formed in low-energy reactions. The Dynamical Cluster Decay Model (DCM) is a vibrant model which includes the deformation effects of nuclear systems and the preformation probability (one of the important parameter of DCM) imparts much needed nuclear structure information. The results are summarized in chapter3
Description: M.Sc. (Physics)
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