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Title: Design and Develop ECC for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Ladha, Vandana
Supervisor: Singh, Maninder
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks;PKI;Elliptical Curve Cryptography;SunSpot Device
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2010
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks consist of sensor nodes and few powerful control mobile laptops performing activities like routing, data aggregation etc over wireless media. These kind of networks are getting popular these days because of small size, ease of handle and installation. Because of this property they are used in environment like military, hospitals, weather forecasting etc. for processing critical information. However such kind of environment is more prone to \Man In the Middle At- tack", where attacker can easily perform malicious activities without interrupting network operation, which can further propagate to other nodes that can alter say routing information and even can degrade the network performance and stability. To overcome such security issues researchers had proposed various techniques like data encryption/decryption, authentication, key generation/distribution. But due to small memory size and battery life of sensors, WSN su ers from resource constraints. Thereby major issue is to design key transmission and management protocol that consumes less resources. In traditional network systems, Public Key Cryptography and Symmetric key Cryptography are used for providing these security services and protocols and they are used together for secure network implementation. This lead the researchers to develop more solutions based on PKC like hash tables. In this report we have designed ECC algorithm and implemented it over a simulated network created with the help of Java Sun Spot kit.
Description: M.E.Thesis (Software Engineering) Aug 2010
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