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Title: Ant Colony Optimzation (ACO) based Intrusion Detection System
Authors: Singh, Tikka
Supervisor: Singh, Maninder
Keywords: Intrusion Detection System;Any Colony Routing;Wireshark;Bro IDS
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2010
Abstract: Security is a big issue for all networks in todays enterprise environment. Hackers and intruders have made many successful attempts to bring down high-pro le com- pany networks and web services. Many methods have been developed to secure the network infrastructure and communication over the Internet, among them the use of rewalls, encryption, and virtual private networks. Intrusion detection is a relatively new addition to such techniques. This work explain working of IDS speci cally Bro and also suggests the use of ACO for Intrusion Detection. The major emphasis is on the design and development of the policy scripts to detect various network intrusions. It also has signature-matching features to make threat signatures to match against various attacks and detect them later.
Description: M.E.Thesis (Computer Science and Engineering), August 2010
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