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Title: Generalized Tool Path Generation Algorithm for Sculptured Pseudo Symmetric Surface Machining
Authors: Jasra, Paras Mohan
Supervisor: Batish, Ajay
Jawanda, A. S.
Duvedi, R. K.
Keywords: CAD/CAM;NC Tool Path
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2009
Abstract: The generalized tool path generation algorithm has been made in the presented thesis work. The aim for the development of tool path algorithm is to machine the pseudo symmetric patterns. The CAD modeler provides the information about the part geometry is taken as STL file, which will be used as input to the tool path generation algorithm. With the help of STL as input, and depth of cut for roughing pass is entered by the user, the algorithm calculates the cutter location (CL) points. Also the extreme dimensions of the part to be made are extracted so as to decide the initial stock size. Tool path generation strategies are also discussed. Also the literature about the side feed and forward feed has been discussed in the present thesis report. The overall literature is divided into three parts. Various checks have been applied in the algorithm to find the best suitable point at particular tool position. The tool path follows the spiral path to machine the surface, with cutter profile as ball nose end mill with varying radius for roughing and finishing passes, which can be changed by the user. The tool path is verified on the PBG2048 CNC lathe mill by machining the various work pieces on wood pieces. Machining time is optimized by adjusting the roughing passes. Those results are compared with the tool path made particularly for the PBG2048 CNC lathe mill.
Description: M.E. (CAD/CAM and Robotics Engineering)
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