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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2012Ultra Low Power Low Pass Active CMOS Filter Design For Biomedical ApplicationAgarwal, Alpana; Bajpayee, Nidhi
30-Sep-2008Ultra Low Power Standard Cells Library Developement In 90nm Technology - OAI, CLKMUX, TLATCH, DFF, SDFFKotwal, Smarti; Agnihotri, Nidhi
10-Sep-2008Ultra Low Power Standard Cells Library Development in 90 Nm Technology – AOI, TBUFF, SRLATCH, EDFF, MDFFKotwal, Smarti; Srivastava, Manish
31-Oct-2013Ultrasonic Characterization of Different Wood SamplesAgarwal, Ravinder; Mittal, Deepti; Sharma, Rakesh
19-Sep-2008Ultrasonic Field Modeling of Transient Wave Propagation in Homogenous and Non-Homogenous Fluid Media Using Distributed Point Source MethodMukherjee, Abhijit; Sharma, Sandeep; Tirukkavalluri, Raghu Ram
9-Nov-2009Ultrasonic Field Modeling Using Distributed Point Source MethodMukherjee, Abhijit; Sharma, Sandeep; Sharma, Shruti; Sharma, Sameer
25-Jul-2018Ultrasonic Guided Wave and Acoustic Emission Techniques for monitoring corrosion in Reinforced Concrete StructuresSharma, Shruti; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Sharma, Ashutosh
9-Sep-2012Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Damage Detection in Cylindrical Geometries for Torsion and Corrosion DefectsSharma, Shruti; Singh, Gurpreet
10-Nov-2014Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Monitoring Underwater CorrosionSharma, Sandeep K.; Kumar, Mithlesh
20-Nov-2009Ultrasonic Machining of Tungsten Carbide Stellite and DiamondKhamba, J. S.; Kumar, Vinod
3-Oct-2013Ultrasonic Machining System-Modeling, Analysis, Evaluation and SelectionAgrawal, V. P.; Singla, Mayank
23-Sep-2013Ultrasonic monitoring of actively and passively protected RC structuresSharma, Shruti; Sharma, Ashutosh
20-Oct-2016Ultrasonic Wave Propagation through Solid MediaSharma, Sandeep Kumar; Dhiman, Vishal
17-Aug-2018UMEED: Deep Learning based walking and reading assistant for visually impaired peopleBhatia, Parteek; Goyal, Riya
16-Jul-2009UML Based Effort Estimation in Component Based SystemsKumar, Rajesh; Khera, Vineet
16-Sep-2008UML Design Based TestingBhatia, Rajesh Kumar; Singh, Gurpreet
4-Sep-2023Under-representation of CTAG in the Bacterial GenomeHanda, Vikas; Sonia
4-Sep-2023Understanding High Specificity of Acquired 16s Rrna Methyltransferases of AMR PathogensBehera, Bunushree; Kaur, Sahibleen
25-Aug-2022Understanding of Drag Reduction & Biofouling using Shark Skin Denticle through CFD SimulationShukla, Rajesh Kumar; Oberoi, Amandeep Singh; Sharma, Prashant
4-Sep-2023Understanding the Landscape of Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence Determinants in Mycobacterium Abscessus through Pan-Genome AnalysisBhardwaj, Anshu; Dey, Priyankar; Simran, Gambhir