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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2011Vibro Acoustic Analysis of 630 kVA Transformer CoreNigam, S. P.; Dubey, Parmatma; Mittal, Himansho
24-Jun-2008Video Conferencing on LAN: Project ReportKrishnan, V.; Anand, Salil
1-May-2007Video Image Enhancement and Object TrackingKaler, R. S.; Sehgal, Rajan
16-Sep-2016Video Phylogeny based on Fingerprint Features for Near- Duplicate Video Clips Detection and Parent tree generationBhattacharya, Jhilik; Kaur, Mandeep
29-Jul-2015Video Search Engine Optimization Technique Using Keyword and Feature AnalysisBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Choudhari, Krishna Dinesh
11-Sep-2007Virtual Lan Implementation and IssuesBhattacharya, S.K.; Joshi, P.S.
16-Aug-2017Virtual Local Area Network Based Advance Driver Assistant SystemSingh, Maninder; Bhatt, Mamta; Sharma, Aashima
27-Sep-2022Virtual screening of natural compounds as interleukin-6 inhibitors to cure covid-19Upadhyay, Atul; Rathi, Eva
12-Sep-2016Visual Detection of Sudan-IV Dye in Culinary Spices by Plasmon Resonance Light ScatteringChudasama, B. N.; Goyal, Alice
11-Aug-2014Visualization of Deadlock and Wait-Notify Anomaly in Multithreaded ProgramsArora, Vinay; Jyoti, Aman
5-Aug-2016Visualizing and searching relationships between academic papers using Neo4j Graph databaseKaur, Karamjit; Karan, .
5-Aug-2016Visualizing Class Diagram Using OrientDB NoSQL Data-StoreKaur, Karamjit; Kaur, Sawinder
3-Aug-2009Visualizing Conceptual Lattice of Textual Data Using ToscanaJBatra, Shalini; Shikha
27-Jul-2012VLSI Architectures of Turbo DecoderSharma, Sanjay; Kumar, Navnish
1-May-2007VLSI Circuit Partitioning Using Ants Colony OptimizationBatra, Shalini; Pandhi, Rohtash Bhushan
16-Sep-2013VLSI Implementation of Pipelined FIR filterKumar, Sanjay; Sharma, Aarti
24-Sep-2007VLSI Test Generation Using Object Oriented ApproachBawa, Seema; Bhardwaj, Kailash Chander
1-Aug-2016Voltage flicker mitigation using forty pulse voltage source converter based DSTATCOMNijhawan, Parag; Bhagat, Akanksha
25-Jul-2017Voltage Stability Analysis and Improvement of Voltage Profile by Static VAR CompensatorJain, Sanjay K.; Kaur, Navdeep; Saini, Vivek
27-Aug-2016Voltage Stability Improvement of Balanced Radial Distribution NetworksBhullar, Suman; Pratik, Kumar