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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2008Capacitor Sizing and Placement for Optimal Power System Operation using Genetic AlgorithmJain, Sanjay Kumar; Virk, Japinder Pal Singh
30-Aug-2013Capacity Analysis Of Mimo (8x8) System With Or Without Csi Under Different Wireless Fading ChannelsKansal, Ankush; Mankotia, Vivek
16-Jul-2012Capacity and Quality Enhancement in Image Steganography using Discrete Wavelet TransformSingh, Singara; Kumar, Robin
4-Sep-2014Capacity Utilization of a Single Machine Multi Product Case in Make to Order Manufacturing Organization - A Case StudyBhullar, Supreet; Shankey
20-Oct-2011Capping of ZnS Nanostructures: Optical and Morphological StudiesPandey, O. P.; Sharma, Manoj
23-Jul-2015Capture, Analyze and Detect Malicious Activities in a University Network TrafficSingh, Maninder; Gill, Harleen Kaur
19-Apr-2007Capturing, Controlling and Analyzing Network Traffic using Network ProcessorSingh, Maninder; Srinivas, Gowni
8-Aug-2019CARaM: Coordinated Adaptive Replica Management for Charging StationsKumar, Neeraj; Kalra, Nidhi; Bhatt, Ritesh
18-Aug-2015Carbohydrate-directed Synthesis of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles, and their Antibacterial PropertyDas, Niranjan; Pal, Bonamali; Kaur, Ramandeep
18-Jul-2018Carbon adsorbents synthesized from plastic waste for CO2 captureBhunia, Haripada; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Kaur, Simarjot
21-Aug-2015Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Metal Organic Framework Basolite C300Bajpai, P. K.; Bhunia, Haripada; Chugh, Ronjish
6-Oct-2022Carbon dioxide capture by carbon adsorbents derived from waste plasticsBhunia, Haripada; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Kaur, Balpreet
16-Sep-2013Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites: Effects Of Nano ReinforcementsSharma, Bikramjit; Mehta, Rajeev; Nirman, Bhupinder Singh
23-Jan-2019“Carpal tunnel syndrome:” A bibliometric study of 35 years of researchRam, Shri
12-Aug-2011Cascading Style Sheet Styling Issues for Punjabi LanguageBhatia, Parteek; Mittal, Swati
25-Jan-2011Case Study on the Renovation of the ESP Unit at GNDTP, BathindaNijhawan, Parag; Kaur, Gurkirat
30-Sep-2013Case-control study of HER2/ neu Ile655Val single nucleotide polymorphism in relation towards risk for breast cancerSharma, Siddharth; Pal, Rashmi
4-Sep-2014Catalytic and Co-Catalytic Activity of Different Shapes and Sizes of Platinum NanostructuresPal, Bonamali; Singh, Satnam; Madhuri
10-Oct-2018Catalytic and Optical Application of Metal oxide and Carbon Dot Nanostructures: Effect of Morphology and ConcentrationBasu, Soumen; Mehta, Akansha
5-Sep-2013Catalytic decarboxylation of fatty acidsPrakash, Ranjana; Kaur, Parampreet