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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2014Buffer Overflow: Proof Of Concept ImplementationJain, Sushma; Rani, Pooja
25-Jul-2018Business Administration Platform Management through Budget Editor ToolBatra, Shalini; Aggarwal, Pallavi
24-Oct-2019Business Incubation in Agri-business: A Strategic Model for Critical Success FactorsKiran, Ravi; Goyal, Dinesh; Bose, Subhas Chandra
28-Aug-2018A Business Intelligence DashboardSharma, R. K.; Rajanna, Ravi Sandesh Gubbi; Mathur, Taniya
21-Aug-2015Cabin Temperature Control of a Parked Car through Forced VentilationKumar, Devender; Arya, Gaurav
4-Jul-2011Cache-Aware and Cache-Oblivious AlgorithmsGarg, Deepak; Ritika
14-Nov-2007CAD Tool for Test Generation in Distributed Computing EnvironmentBawa, Seema; Datta, Shaveta
31-Aug-2016CAE Analysis of HVAC Module of Car Air Conditioning SystemSingh, Daljeet; Saini, J. S.; Jadon, Anjana Singh
18-Sep-2014CAE Analysis, Optimization and Fabrication of TU 2014 Formula SAE Vehicle StructureSingh, Daljeet; Kakria, Sahil
13-Mar-2014Calcifying Bacteria Mediated Cementation for Improvement of Building MaterialsReddy, M. Sudhakara; Mukherjee, Abhijit; Dhami, Navdeep Kaur
13-Aug-2015Calcium and Zirconium Oxide Based Solid Catalysts for the Transesterification of Low Quality TriglyceridesAli, Amjad; Kaur, Navjot
18-Apr-2007Calculation and Minimisation of Garbage Bits in Quantum Reversible CircuitsSingh, Amardeep; Tanwar, Rajeev
22-Aug-2018Calibrated High Performance Programmable Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator For PHY DriversKumar, Sunil; Agarwal, Alpana; Singh, Harpreet
17-Aug-2020Calibration of LED Lighting System for Crop Specific UtilizationJana, Soumendu; Jain, Vandana
1-Aug-2019Cam Gear Walk off in a Diesel EngineBera, Tarun Kumar; Singla, Ashish; Vaidya Omkar D.; Gupta, Naval
1-May-2007Camparition of Variants of Blast (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)Chana, Inderveer; Kaur, Harpreet
23-Sep-2022CaO/MgO Effect on the Crystallisation and Optical Properties of Potassium Silicate GlassesSingh, Kulvir; Kaur, Jasleen
22-Sep-2008Capacitor Sizing and Placement for Optimal Power System Operation using Genetic AlgorithmJain, Sanjay Kumar; Virk, Japinder Pal Singh
30-Aug-2013Capacity Analysis Of Mimo (8x8) System With Or Without Csi Under Different Wireless Fading ChannelsKansal, Ankush; Mankotia, Vivek
16-Jul-2012Capacity and Quality Enhancement in Image Steganography using Discrete Wavelet TransformSingh, Singara; Kumar, Robin