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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2018Bivariate extension of Durrmeyer operators by D. D. StancuRani, Meenu; Rani, Shivani
2-Sep-2017Blind Source Separation with Image De-Noising using SVD RegularizationMishra, Amit; Singh Sodhi, Harmandeep
21-May-2024Blockchain-based secure framework for efficient management of IoT generated healthcare dataKaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Maninder; Sharma, Aashima
14-Aug-2014Blocking Artifacts Reduction in JPEG Compressed Images Using Overlapped Block ProcessingKulbir, Singh; Simranjit, Singh
6-Aug-2012Blocking Artifacts Reduction in JPEG ImagesSingh, Singara; Malhotra, Puneet
1-Feb-2019Blog Response Volume Prediction using ANFIS and Stochastic Optimization TechniquesPannu, Husanbir Singh; Kaur, Harsurinder
1-May-2007Bluetooth Approch for Toll Tax ApplicationGarg, Lalit; Sona, Rani
30-Jul-2019Body Image Satisfaction, Social Media Usage, Self Esteem as Determinants of Selfie Obsession and Psychological Well BeingKumari, Santha; Kaur, Manpreet
17-Oct-2014Bond Characteristics of FRP Composite with Concrete SubstrateBansal, Prem Pal; Bhardwaj, Pankaj
22-Aug-2016Bond Graph Aided Hydraulic Flow Model of Plant in Response to Physical and Environmental FactorsBera, Tarun Kumar; Lahkar, Bhrigu Kumar
16-Sep-2013Bond graph aided performance analysis of antilock braking system for a vehicle with camber and fork angleBera, Tarun Kumar; Singh, Adityabir
19-Aug-2015Bond Graph Aided Thermal Analysis of Finite Journal BearingBera, Tarun Kumar; Bhattacharya, Anirban; Choudhary, Shubham
26-Aug-2016A Bond Graph Approach to the Modelling of Cardiovascular System with Embedded Autonomic Nervous SystemBera, Tarun Kumar; Sharma, Kartik
22-Aug-2016Bond Graph Modeling and Control of Segway Using Principle of Inverted Pendulum SystemBera, Tarun Kumar; Singla, Ashish; Kumar, Ashish
29-Aug-2017Bond Graph Modelling and Simulation of Walking Mechanism of Quadruple RobotBera, Tarun Kumar; Soharu, Garima
16-Oct-2015Bond strength of concrete contaning recycled concrete aggregates and recycled plastic aggregatesKaur, Gurbir; Kumar, Vijay
29-Oct-2015Bond strength of steel bars embedded in concrete containing recycled fine and coarse aggregatesKaur, Gurbir; Mahay, Amandeep
9-Sep-2008Bonded Laminates for Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete BeamsKumar, Maneek; Kaushik, S. K.; Bansal, Prem Pal
7-Aug-2014Bootstrap Sequential Projection Multi Kernel Locality Sensitive HashingGarg, Deepak; Mehta, Harsham
20-Sep-2012Bottom Meson Spectroscopy in HQETUpadhyay, Alka; Virk, Navjot Kaur