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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2009Price Performance of IPOs in Indian Stock MarketBhanot, Ravi Kiran; Chopra, Rohini Inder
10-Aug-2018Prioritization of Modelled Protein Structures using Pareto points and TOPSISRana, Prashant Singh; Aulakh, Tarandeep Singh
27-Aug-2013Priority based Hybrid Automation TestingGarhwal, Sunita; Priyanka
18-Sep-2012Priority PAHs in Some Coffee BrandsSingh, Satnam; Rashmi
13-Aug-2013Priority scheduling algorithm with fault tolerance in cloud environmentSeema, Bawa; Nimisha, Singla
30-Aug-2022Private Self-Consciousness and Self-Compassion as Predictors of Coping Styles: Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence and ResilienceKumari, Santha; Mann, Chahat
17-Aug-2017Proactive Fault Tolerance Technique for Scientific Applications in CloudChana, Inderveer; Talwani, Suruchi
26-Jul-2007A Proactive Fault Tolerant Approach for Grid EnvironmentChana, Inderveer; Khurana, Puneet
22-Aug-2013A Proactive Framework for Capturing FTP Brute Force and Application Level Flood AttacksKaur, Sanmeet; Bhandari, Aastha
23-Jul-2007Proactive Network Surveillance FrameworkBawa, Seema; Saxena, S. C.; Singh, Maninder
24-Jul-2009Probabilistic Analysis of Received Composite Wireless Signals for Random Number of MultipathsKohli, Amit; Kumar, Rahul
28-Jul-2015A Probabilistic Approach for Fault Analysis in Cloud EnvironmentBala, Anju; Anu
25-Jul-2017Probabilistic Load Flow Analysis through Linearized EquationsJain, Sanjay K.; Banerjee, Aditya
25-Sep-2012Probability Oscillations And Its Importance For Non–Zero θ13 ValueUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Paramjot
24-Aug-2023Probing the the Molecular Diversity of Symbiodinium Species Associated with Corals in the Itertidal Reef HabitatUpadhyay, Atul Kumar; Balakrishnan, Manikandan; Soumi, Biswas
1-May-2007Problem Solving using Quantum Computing and Quantum Clique AlgorithmGarg, Lalit; Kaur, Mandeep
7-Jun-2007Procedure and Archive Request Form for Submitting Theses OnlineAdministrator
28-Jun-2007Procedure for Submission of Electronic Thesis and Disserations on D-Space ServerAdministrator
25-May-2007Procedure for Submitting Theses OnlineDspace, Administrator
6-Nov-2006Procedure manual for Central LibraryThapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, Central Library; Central Library, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala