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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Feb-2014Preparation and characterization of membranes made of pottery clayBulasara, Vijaya Kumar; Singh, Parminder
6-Sep-2019Preparation and Characterization of microwave sintered SrFe12O19/NiFe2O4 nanocompositeSharma, Puneet; Sharma, Ishita
9-Oct-2014Preparation and Characterization of Mixed Metal Oxides as Solid Catalysts for Transesterification of TriglyceridesAli, Amjad; Kaur, Mandeep
20-Oct-2011Preparation and Characterization of Modified Lead Zirconate Titanate CeramicsRaina, K.K.; Prakash, Chandra; Juneja, J.K.; Pratibha
11-Sep-2012Preparation and Characterization of NanofluidsGangacharyulu, D.; Harkirat; Singh, Gajendra
3-Aug-2010Preparation and Characterization of Nanofluids and Some Investigation in Biological ApplicationsGangacharyulu, D.; Harkirat
25-Aug-2010Preparation and Characterization of Ni-Doped Zns Nanoparticles for Diffuse ReflectanceVerma, N. K.; Kaur, Simanpreet
17-Feb-2011Preparation and Characterization of PDLLA-PCL-Starch Blends Processed Under Microwave RadiationMehta, Rajeev; Singla, Ritika
14-Aug-2012Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Fiber and Cellulose Composite Paper for Electrical InsulationMehta, Rajeev; Bajpai, P. K.; Chandrashekar, Ramesh
16-Sep-2013Preparation and characterization of polymer fibre and cellulose paper with polyvinyl alcoholSharma, Bikramjit; Mehta, Rajeev; Kumar, Anil
12-Oct-2017Preparation and Characterization of SiO2-CaO-MgO-K2O Glasses as BiomaterialsSingh, Kulvir; Jha, Praveen
4-Sep-2009Preparation And Characterization of Sponge IronPandey, O. P.; Singh, Arun Kumar
11-Sep-2023Preparation and Characterization of SrFe12O19/ Ba2Co2Fe12O22 Composite HexaferriteSharma, Puneet; Singla, Pretty
21-Sep-2011Preparation and Characterization of Tungsten Carbide Micro/Nano CompositesPandey, O. P.; Singh, Kulvir; Kumar, Akshay
11-Sep-2017Preparation and Characterization of Undoped and Transition Metal Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Phthalate EstersSingh, Kulvir; Pandey, O. P.; Singla, Pooja
5-Oct-2008Preparation and Characterization of ZnO Nano-Structured Thin FilmsRaina, K. K.; Kulkarni, V. N.; Singh, Nagendra Pratap
28-Jun-2012Preparation and Dielectric Spectroscopy Characterization of lyotropic Liquid Crystal MaterialsAyoob, Ihab Fathi; Raina, K.K.
14-Aug-2014Preparation and Evaluation of Chitosan-Based Controlled Drug Delivery SystemsVasundhara, M.; Kaur, Ravleen
30-Sep-2013Preparation of a Cereal Based Food Product Containing Exopolysaccharides Using Lactococcus LactisGanguli, Abhijit; Randhawa, Puneet Kaur
23-Sep-2013Preparation of a traditional food with enhanced cognitive effectsGanguli, Abhijit; Batra, Vibhuti