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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2009An Adaptive Zooming Algorithm for ImagesKumar, Ajay; Singh, Singara; Kumar, Mayank
31-Jul-2013Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) in Windows & Linux: Proof of Concept (PoC) ImplementationSingh, Maninder; Sonawala, Dipam
5-Sep-2013Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of eriochrome Black-T by TiO2 of different shapesPal, Bonamali; Kaur, Sandeep
19-Aug-2014Adsorption characteristics of Castor Leaf Powder (CLP) for the Removal of Crystal Violet and Brilliant Green DyesVijaya Kumar, Bulasara; Akshay, Mahajan
16-Jul-2013Adsorption characteristics of jackfruit leaf powder (jlp) for the removal of dyesBulasara, Vijaya Kumar; Ojha, Amit
21-Aug-2015Adsorption of Indole and Ortho-phenylenediamine on Activated CarbonKushwaha, J. P.; Sangal, V. K.; Kumar, Harish
6-Nov-2021Adsorption of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Wastewater Using Ash Derived From Agri-Residue and It’s SolidificationSingh, Neetu; Rajor, Anita; Kaur, Gurleenjot
5-Sep-2014Adsorption Study for the Treatment of Wastewater Using Cloisite 15A as an AdsorbentMehta, Rajeev; Sangal, V. K.; Kalotra, Shivani
21-Aug-2015Adsorptive Removal and Regeneration Study of Biochanin A: An Endocrine DisruptorGhosh, Moushumi; Datta, Dipaloy; Kaur, Kamalpreet
31-Aug-2015Adsorptive Removal of Bisphenol A by Activated Carbon and its Regeneration StudyGhosh, Moushumi; Jain, Shivani
16-Jul-2013Adsorptive treatment of textile wastewater by activated carbon based on peanut shellSangal, V. K.; Kushwaha, J. P.; Saluja, Rashmi
24-Sep-2008Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Degradation of PesticidesVerma, Anoop; Sheoran, Monika
8-Aug-2011Advanced Oxidative Pretreatment Process for Enhance Biodegradation of Complex Wastewater Generated from Pharmaceutical IndustryVerma, Anoop; Pandey, R. A.; Verma, Manisha
30-Jul-2015Age-Group prediction of facial images using different classifiersMishra, Ashutosh; Jain, Madhur
17-Aug-2007Agenda & minutes of 20th meetingThe Library Committee (Thapar University)
17-Aug-2007Agenda & minutes of 27th meetingLibrary Committee (Thapar University)
12-Sep-2006Agenda for 11th Library Committee meetingLibrarian
12-Sep-2006Agenda for 19th Library Committee meetingLibrarian
11-Sep-2006Agenda for 20th Library Committee MeetingLibrarian