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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2019IoT Based Distribution Transformer Health Monitoring SystemAggarwal, S. K.; Pathania, Shuvam
25-Apr-2023IoT based Irrigation and Fertilization framework for Smart AgricultureKaur, Sanmeet; Khanna, Abhishek
26-May-2023IoT Based Sodar Network for Estimation of Atmospheric Boundary LayerAgarwal, Ravinder; Singh, Nirbhow Jap; Soni, Kirti; Chourey, Parag
1-Aug-2019IoT Enabled Low-Cost Indoor Air Quality Monitoring SystemBawa, Seema; Sharma, Seemu; Kaur, Supreet
9-Aug-2017IP (Intellectual Property) CAD Validation Solution using CrossfireBawa, Seema; Aneja, Anshul
16-Aug-2018IP Collateral Management API Development and Validation SystemSatapathy, Lalit Monoj B C; Verma, Karun; Mathur, Tarika
2-Sep-2019IP Verification and IP Environment AutomationMishra, Amit; Mehrotra, Saransh; Singh, Hardeep
2-Aug-2013IPL (Indian Premier League) tournament scheduling through backtrack approachBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Pathak, Trinetra Kumar
31-Oct-2015Iris recognition system for some clinical applicationsSharma, R. K.; Agarwal, Ravinder; Bansal, Atul
24-Sep-2010Ischemia Detection: By Identification of Isoelectric Line and ST SegmentSingh, Mandeep; Gupta, Gitika
5-Sep-2013ISFET based biosensor for heavy metal ionsMittal, Susheel; Kaur, Harpreet
14-Aug-2014Islanding Detection and ProtectionSinha, Amrita; Kaur, Amandeep
1-Mar-2007Isolation and Characterisation of Starch Degrading Lactic Acid BacteriaGanguli, Abhijit; Aggarwal, Shalini
23-Sep-2013Isolation And Characterization Of Amphiphilic Functional BiopolymersMoushumi, Ghosh; Arun, Kumar
12-May-2017Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Molecules from Endophytic FungiKumar, Anil; Vasundhara, M.
17-Aug-2018Isolation and Characterization of Calcifying Bacteria from Steel Slag and Their Role in BiomineralizationReddy, M. Sudhakara; Rani, Isha
29-Aug-2014Isolation and Characterization of Epiphytic Orchidaceous Mycorrhizas Associated With the Populations of Rhynchostylis Retusa from Kangra Valley, Himachal PradeshReddy, M. S.; Kumar, Anil; Bhardwaj, Yadvinder
14-Aug-2014Isolation and Characterization of Metal Resistance Genes by using Metatranscriptomic ApproachReddy, M. S.; Manpreet, Kour
3-Sep-2012Isolation and Characterization of Naphtalene Degrading BacteriaRajor, Anita; Gupta, Bulbul
9-Sep-2016Isolation and characterization of pancreatic lipase inhibitors from endophytic fungiSaxena, Sanjai; Goyal, Dinesh; Gupta, Mahiti