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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2014Defects Induced Ferromagnetism in Mg-doped ZnO NanoparticlesVerma, N. K.; Gill, Pritampal Singh
26-Jun-2009Effect of Heat Treatment on the Optical and Structural Properties of CdS: Tb NanoformsVerma, N. K.; Saxena, Anuja
29-Jul-2009Effect of Heat Treatment on ZNS:eu Nanoparticles: Synthesis and CharacterizationVerma, N. K.; Singhi, Vaishali
13-Aug-2008Fabrication and Characterisation of Some Metallic Nano/Microstructure Materials by Template SynthesisVerma, N. K.; Chakarvarti, S. K.; Pabla, Raminder Kaur
25-Aug-2010Investigations on Diffuse Reflectance of Aluminium Doped TitaniaVerma, N. K.; Meenu
18-Apr-2007Ion Transport Properties of Some Mixed Halide Based Oxide Dispersed Composite Electrolyte SystemsSil, Anjan; Verma, N. K.; Archana
5-Jan-2016Magnetic and optical studies of transition metals-doped ZnS nanostructuresVerma, N. K.; Kumar, Sunil
5-Oct-2012Magnetic Behaviour of Co Doped CdSe Nanoparticles as Dilute Magnetic SemiconductorVerma, N. K.; Kaur, Ramandeep
17-Oct-2016Multiferroic properties of doped-BiFeO3 nanoparticlesVerma, N. K.; Uniyal, Poonam; Dhir, Gitanjali
24-Feb-2014Multiferroism in multifunctional rare earth metals-doped BiFeO3 nanostructuresVerma, N. K.; Singh, Gurmeet
7-Oct-2016Optical and Magnetic Behaviour of Metal Doped-CdS NanostructuresVerma, N. K.; Kaur, Kamaldeep
28-Aug-2015Optical and Structural Properties of Tb DOPED Cds NanoparticlesVerma, N. K.; Jindal, Shivani
26-Aug-2013Performance of dye-sensitized solar cell based on metal-deposited BiFeO3 nanoparticlesVerma, N. K.; Kaur, Imanpreet
25-Aug-2010Preparation and Characterization of Ni-Doped Zns Nanoparticles for Diffuse ReflectanceVerma, N. K.; Kaur, Simanpreet
9-Apr-2012Studies on ZnS and TiO2 Nanomaterials for High Reflective CoatingsVerma, N. K.; Singla, M. L.; Kumar, Sanjeev
17-Jun-2014Study on Functionalization and Cytotoxicity of Calcium and Potassium Ferrite NanoparticlesVerma, N. K.; Khanna, Lavanya
12-Dec-2011Study on Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Behavior of Tb doped ZnO NanoparticlesVerma, N. K.; Pal, Amita
2-Sep-2011Study on Room Temperature Ferromagnetism Behavior of Cr Doped CdSe Diluted Magnetic NanostructuresVerma, N. K.; Bansal, Amit
7-Apr-2010Synthesis and Characterisation of ZnS and CdS NanostructuresVerma, N. K.; Jindal, Zinki
29-Jul-2009Synthesis and Characterization of cds/sio2 Core/shell Nanoparticles Doped with SilverVerma, N. K.; Kaur, Manveen