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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2017ABE Based Secure Distributed Storage Scheme for Big Data in CloudBhatia, Tarunpreet; Verma, A. K.; Jain, Bhawna
11-Sep-2008Analysis of Handover Schemes in IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX)Verma, A. K.; Saini, Mohit
24-Jul-2015ClickjackingVerma, A. K.; Pal, Honey
4-Aug-2014Comparative Evaluation and Analysis of IEEE802.15.4 and IEEE802.15.6 StandardsVerma, A. K.; Singh, Manvir
29-Aug-2014Design and Development of ACO Routing Protocol for MANETsKumar, Neeraj; Verma, A. K.; Singh, Gurpreet
29-Oct-2013Design and Development of Algorithms for Converting Parallel Regular Expressions to Deterministic Finite AutomataVerma, A. K.; Kumar, Ajay
13-May-2014Design and Development of an Efficient Cryptographic Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksVerma, A. K.; Sharma, Gaurav
6-Jun-2011Design and Development of ICMP based Network Monitoring Tool for SCADAJoshi, Haresh; Verma, A. K.; Khajuria, Sahil
28-Oct-2017Design and Development of Optimized Cross Layer Framework for Wireless Sensor NetworksVerma, A. K.; Singh, Ramnik
24-Jul-2015Detection and Defense Against Jellyfish Delay Variance Attack In MANETsVerma, A. K.; Kaur, Rupinderdeep; Kaur, Simranpreet
14-Jun-2012Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksVerma, A. K.; Randhawa, Sukhchandan
21-Aug-2012Enhancing Research, Curriculum Development and Alumni Contributions in Selected Institutions of Higher Technical Education: Development of a Framework with Knowledge ManagementKiran, Ravi; Verma, A. K.; Agarwal, Parul D
29-Jul-2010Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless NetworksVerma, A. K.; Reddy, Gnanendra
8-Aug-2014Fiestel Inspired Structure For DNA CryptographyVerma, A. K.; Kaundal, Ashish Kumar
30-Oct-2015A framework for association rule mining of distributed dataVerma, A. K.; Patel, R. B.; Bhamra, Gurpreet Singh
17-Aug-2017GIS-Based Multi-Hazard Susceptibility Assessment using Machine LearningBhatia, Tarunpreet; Verma, A. K.; Sachdeva, Shruti
24-Jul-2015Improvement of ERED FEC Mechanism for Video Transmission Over WLANsVerma, A. K.; Maini, Mansi
24-Jul-2015A Novel Scheme of Detection and Eradication of Wormhole AttackVerma, A. K.; Bhatia, Tarunpreet; Goyal, Svarika
29-Jul-2010Performance Analysis of Swarm Based Routing Protocols for MANETsVerma, A. K.; Punnana, Kusa Kumar
5-Aug-2014Power Leach - A Novel Power Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworkVerma, A. K.; Bisht, Preeti