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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2012Bottom Meson Spectroscopy in HQETUpadhyay, Alka; Virk, Navjot Kaur
14-Sep-2010Charm Meson SpectroscopyUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Manpreet
18-Nov-2011Flavor Oscillations in NeutrinoUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Prabhjot
27-Sep-2013Flavor Oscillations in NeutrinosUpadhyay, Alka; Garg, Reema
14-Sep-2010Heavy Meson Spectroscopy and Prediction of Bottom MesonsUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Sandeep
18-Nov-2011Heavy Quark Effective Theory For MesonsUpadhyay, Alka; Singh, Satwinder
14-Jul-2020Heavy Quark PhysicsUpadhyay, Alka; Sherel
25-Sep-2012Low Energy Properties of Baryons In Phenomenological ModelsUpadhyay, Alka; Gilhotra, Vani
21-Sep-2015Neutrino oscillations :Short,Long and Magic baselinesUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Simranjeet
3-Oct-2011Nucleonic Properties in Statistical ModelUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Parveer
26-Sep-2014Phenomenological Study of Baryons in Jp= 1/2+ StateUpadhyay, Alka; Sharma, Ashish
25-Sep-2012Probability Oscillations And Its Importance For Non–Zero θ13 ValueUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Paramjot
14-Oct-2014Study of Baryon Decuplet ParticlesUpadhyay, Alka; Vikas
15-Jan-2021Study of Ground State Baryon JP=1/2+ Octet and JP=3/2+ Decuplet using Statistical methods.Upadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Amanpreet
16-May-2024Study of Heavy Mesons using Effective Theories and Potential ModelUpadhyay, Alka; Ritu Garg
11-Dec-2019Study of heavy-light D and B mesons using heavy quark effective theoryUpadhyay, Alka; Gupta, Pallavi
3-Jun-2015Study of Low Energy Properties of Hadrons Using Phenomenological Models and Effective TheoriesUpadhyay, Alka; Batra, Meenakshi