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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Sep-2013Analysis of process parameters involved in drilling of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy clay nanocompositesSharma, Bikramjit; Singla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Gurtej
19-Sep-2019Experimental investigation on Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Titanium Based Composite Used for Aerospace ApplicationsSingla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Digvijay
1-Sep-2010An Experimental Validation of Simulated Coolant Nozzles and Their Orientation in a Grinding ProcessBatish, Ajay; Bhattacharya, Anirban; Singla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Mandeep
17-Aug-2015Investigation of Effects of Abrasive Blasting on Fusion Welded JointsSingla, Vinod Kumar; Jain, Vivek; Garg, Sangam
23-Aug-2016Investigation on Effects of Untreated and Cryogenically Treated Brass Wire on M42 Hss In WEDM ProcessSingla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Ranjit
Aug-2016Investigation on surface integrity and material transfer of Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy in Die-sinking EDM ProcessSingla, Vinod Kumar; Kumar, Krishna
1-Sep-2010Investigations on Improvement of Material Properties and Parametric Optimization of MRR, TWR and Roughness Using Powder Mixed Dielectric in EDM ProcessBatish, Ajay; Bhattacharya, Anirban; Singla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Gurmail
12-Aug-2016Joining and Characterization of SS-430 Using Microwave Processing MethodSingla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Navjot
22-Sep-2008Modeling and Analysis of Tool Wear Rate in EDM Using FEMSingla, Vinod Kumar; Kumar, Vinod
28-Jul-2017Parametric Analysis of Cold Chamber High Pressure Die Casting of LM9 and ADC12 Aluminium AlloysSingla, Vinod Kumar; Murari Katara, Krishna
28-Jul-2017Study of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Titanium chips Fabricated by Large Strain Machining ProcessSingla, Vinod Kumar; Sharma, Deepak
28-Jul-2017Study on Microstructural Properties of Aluminium Alloy Strips Fabricated By Large Strain Extrusion Machining (LSEM) ProcessSingla, Vinod Kumar; Arora, Kunal