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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-2012Analysis and Modeling of MRR, TWR and SR Parameters in Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Components Using Fuzzy LogicSingla, V. K.; Kumar, Pawan
21-Sep-2012Analysis of Surface Properties in Drilling of Different Die Steels used in Manufacturing IndustriesSingla, V. K.; Vipin
30-Aug-2010Analysis of Tool Wear in Turning Operation of EN38 SteelSingla, V. K.; Singh, Raghubir
21-Sep-2012Application of Fuzzy Logic Technique for the Modeling of Performance Characteristics of Composites in Conventional USM ProcessSingla, V. K.; Ravish, Mandeep
12-Aug-2016Design of Aluminium Based Alloy (Al6063) Ultra-Fine Grained Strips Using Hybrid LSEM ProcessSingla, V. K.; Sharma, Mayur
12-Aug-2016Experimental Investigation of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Strips Fabricated By Large Strain Extrusion Machining (LSEM) ProcessSingla, V. K.; Janardhan, Gorti
26-Aug-2011Experimental Investigation of Process and Response Parameters in Drilling Using Fuzzy Logic ApproachSingla, V. K.; Jindal, Anil
17-Aug-2015Experimental investigation on performance characteristics of A653 Galvanized sheet steel using Fiber laser cutting processSingla, V. K.; Sharma, Gaurav
8-Sep-2011Experimental Study of Process Parameters in Milling Using Fuzzy Logic and Regression Analysis ApproachSingla, V. K.; Sharma, Yogesh
19-Sep-2013Experimental study on fiber laser beam machiningSingla, V. K.; Singh, Akashdeep
7-Sep-2010Experimental Study on Thermal and Structural Analysis of Tool and Cutter Grinding Operation Using Finite Element MethodMohapatra, S. K.; Singla, V. K.; Dhull, Vinod
1-May-2007Exprimental Investigation of Performance Characteristics of an Ultrasonic Machining ProcessMohapatra, S. K.; Singla, V. K.; Singh, Parminderpal
24-Aug-2012Improvement of Surface Properties in Milling of Discontinuously Reinforced Nylon Composite Using Pressurized Steam Jet ApproachSingla, V. K.; Rajpal
8-Mar-2013Investigation into the machining characteristics of composites using chemical assisted ultrasonic machining processSingla, V. K.; Bansal, Kashish
24-Aug-2012Investigation of Performance Characteristics for the Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Machining of Tungsten CarbideSingla, V. K.; Singh, Jagdeep
4-Sep-2015Investigation on fabrication of aluminium based porous materialsJain, Vivek; Singla, V. K.; Mittal, Ankesh
1-Nov-2013Modeling, Analysis, Evaluation And Experimental Investigation Of Abrasive Blasting ProcessBhattacharya, Anirban; Singla, V. K.; Singh, Gurdeep
26-Aug-2011Study of Process Parameters in Plasma ARC Machining ProcessSingla, V. K.; Maurya, M. K.; Sharma, Nishant
8-Mar-2013Study on Optimization and Machining Characteristics of Electric Discharge Machining Using Powder Suspension Dielectric FluidsSingla, V. K.; Abrol, Aman
19-Sep-2013Study on ultrasonic machining of Al/Si based composite and Al/Cu alloySingla, V. K.; Bansal, Puneet