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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2016Bond Graph Modeling and Control of Segway Using Principle of Inverted Pendulum SystemBera, Tarun Kumar; Singla, Ashish; Kumar, Ashish
1-Aug-2019Cam Gear Walk off in a Diesel EngineBera, Tarun Kumar; Singla, Ashish; Vaidya Omkar D.; Gupta, Naval
1-Sep-2015A comparative study on possible architectural designs of link modules for modular manipulatorsSingla, Ashish; Dawer, Puneet Kumar
24-Aug-2017CVT Based Design of a Knee Exoskeleton to Provide Partial Assistance During a Normal Walking Gait CycleSingla, Ashish; Garg, Gaurav
21-Jul-2017Design, Simulation and Experimental Validation of a Robust Controller on Different Inverted Pendulum SystemsSingla, Ashish; Chawla, Ishan
28-Sep-2012Effect of EDM Process Parameters on Al-ZrO2 Composite Using Taguchi Orthogonal Array DesignSingla, Ashish; Sharma, Puneet; Singh, Ramanjeet
8-Jul-2016Investigation of CVT-based Hybrid Mechanism for Torque Variations in a Knee ExoskeletonSingla, Ashish; Singh, Baltej Singh
7-Sep-2015Kinematic study and trajectory tracking of a five-DOF spatial manipulatorSingla, Ashish; Soni, Sanjeev; Singh, Shakti
13-Sep-2014Kinematic Study of a Spatial Hybrid Manipulator for Robot-Assisted SurgerySingla, Ashish; Soni, Sanjeev; Singh, Amanpreet
31-Jul-2019Mass and Grade Estimation of Commercial Vehicle using Kalman FilterTiwari, Chaitanya; Palanivelu, Sivakumar; Singla, Ashish; Dhawad, Ashwin
18-Sep-2013Mathematical Validation Of Eigen Values And Eigen Vectors Of Different Human Body Segments In Sitting PostureNigam, S. P.; Singla, Ashish; Bansal, Harry
8-Jul-2016Modeling, Simulation and Real-Time Control of Underactuated Systems: A Cart-Pendulum ExampleSingla, Ashish; Singh, Gurminder
1-Aug-2019Modelling, Control and Experimentation for Vibration Suppression of Single Link Flexible ManipulatorBera, Tarun Kumar; Singla, Ashish; Mathew, Ebin
13-Sep-2014Obstacle and Singularity Avoidance of Redundant Serial Manipulators Using the Concept of Task PrioritySingla, Ashish; Arora, Himanshu
19-Sep-2013Redundancy Control With Position Prior Orientation Of Serial Manipulators Using The Concept Of Task PrioritySingla, Ashish; Neha, Eram
17-Sep-2013Static Force Analysis Of Kinematically Redundant Serial Manipulators Along With Actuator Weight CompensationSingla, Ashish; Gupta, Ankit
2018Towards Development of an Assistive Device for STS Transfer and Ambulation of Healthy ElderlySingla, Ashish; Singh, Sukhdeep
22-Aug-2016Towards Human-Powered Lower-Limb ExoskeletonsSingla, Ashish; Dhand, Saurav
23-Jul-2012Towards Optimal Design of Modular Robotic ArmsSingla, Ashish; Saini, J. S.; Gupta, Sameer