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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Nov-2021Adsorption of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Wastewater Using Ash Derived From Agri-Residue and It’s SolidificationSingh, Neetu; Rajor, Anita; Kaur, Gurleenjot
9-Aug-2017Competitive Adsorption of Indole and Ortho-Phenylenediamine onto Commercial Ativated CarbonSingh, Neetu; Kushwaha, J. P.; Rathi, Neha
14-Oct-2021Dehydration of Aqueous Acetonitrile Solutions by Extractive Distillation Using Deep Eutectic SolventsSingh, Neetu; Khushwaha, J. P.; Sharma, Bandhana
26-Oct-2021Development of Nanostructured Metal Based Electrocatalyst for Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to AlcoholsBhunia, Haripada; Singh, Neetu; Dongare, Saudagar Balasaheb
11-Sep-2017Extraction of Erichrome Black-T Dye by Liquid-Liquid-Micro-Extraction Using Deep Eutectic MixturesSingh, Neetu; Kushwaha, J. P.; Kaur, Paramjit
25-Oct-2017Generation of Biodiesel and Biolubricant from Non-edible Seed Sesbania bispinosa (Dhaincha)Prakash, Ranjana; Singh, Neetu; Ripanshu
24-Aug-2015Liquid–Liquid Extraction of Indicator Dyes into Imidazolium based Ionic LiquidsRajor, Anita; Singh, Neetu; Mahajan, Suchita
18-Oct-2019Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment by Electrooxidation MethodKushwaha, J. P.; Singh, Neetu; Kaur, Ravneet
5-Jul-2022Photocatalytic degradation of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Wastewater using Doped TiO2-SiO2 PhotocatalystSingh, Neetu; Garg, Alok; Rani, Sonam
9-Oct-2019Separation of Acetonitrile + Water Azeotropic Mixture using Deep Eutectic Solvent as Entrainer by Extractive DistillationSingh, Neetu; Kushwaha, Jai Prakash; Sharma, Shreya
6-Aug-2018Synthesis and Characterisation of Monometallic Metal Oxide on Graphene Support: Electrocatalyst for Carbon Dioxide ConversionKumar, Davinder; Singh, Neetu; Sharma, Kartik
21-Aug-2019Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Containing Nitrogenous Compound by Electro-Oxidation ProcessKushwaha, J. P.; Singh, Neetu; Verma, Deepshikha