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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Oct-2013ANN based Epilepsy Classification using EEGSingh, Mandeep; Kaur, Harleen
14-Aug-2015Attention & Relaxation Enhancement using Meditation as an Intervention: A Psychological and Physiological StudySingh, Mandeep; Sharma, Akanksha
9-Sep-2014Automatic Feature Extraction in Accelerated PlethysmographySingh, Mandeep; Bansal, Sakshi
17-Sep-2010Baseline Wander Estimation for ECG CharacterizationSingh, Mandeep; Mukamia, Vineet Kumar
31-Oct-2013Classification of Mammograms Based on Gray Level IntensitySingh, Mandeep; Arora, Pratham
9-Sep-2014Cognitive Enhancement using Meditation as InterventionSingh, Mandeep; Narang, Mahak
9-Sep-2014Cognitive Enhancement Using Odor as InterventionSingh, Mandeep; Sachdeva, Smiti
13-Aug-2018Comparative Analysis of Heart Rate Variability SignalsSingh, Mandeep; Pathak, Kamlesh
27-Jul-2018Computational Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Iron Ore Slurry in Pipeline and BendKumar, Satish; Singh, Mandeep
1-May-2007Configuring Vision Workstation CVS-1450 for Online IC Pin Counting ApplicationSingh, Mandeep; Anurupa
2-Sep-2009Correlation Analysis of Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Frequency Under Sinus Arrhythmia ConditionSingh, Mandeep; Kohli, Amit Kumar; Mehta, Shivani
14-Aug-2015Dermatoglyphics: Processing Fingerprints for the Recognition of Innate Multiple Intelligences in an IndividualSingh, Mandeep; Oindri, Majumdar
19-Apr-2007Design and Development of Dual Channel ECG Simulator and Peak DetectorSingh, Mandeep; Singh, Nirbhowjap; Gurpinder Kaur
22-Sep-2009Design of Signal Interpreted Petri net Based Sequential Controlled Batch plantSingh, Mandeep; Rashmi, Ruchi
14-Aug-2012Detection of Epilepsy Disorder by EEG Using Discrete Wavelet TransformsSingh, Mandeep; Kaur, Sunpreet
10-Aug-2009Development of CompactRIO Based PID Temperature ControllerSingh, Mandeep; Kaur, Navneet
27-Aug-2018Development of EEG based Emotion ClassifierSingh, Mandeep; Singh, Moon Inder
19-Apr-2007Development of Embedded Based Anti-Collision Technique for Medical LINAC (Linear Accelerator) MachineSingh, Mandeep; Avinash Singh
30-Sep-2008Development of Power Factor Controller using PIC MicrocontrollerSingh, Mandeep; Kumar, Praveen
20-Nov-2020Development of Psychological Stress Detection System Using Bio-SignalsSingh, Mandeep; Cheema, Amandeep