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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2012Analysis and Improvement in Image Segmentation for CT ImagesSingh, M. D.; Kaur, Amanpreet
11-Aug-2015Analysis of PCG Signal to Classify Various Heart DiseasesSingh, M. D.; Randhawa, Simarjot Kaur
11-Sep-2008A Comparitive Analysis of Thresholding Techniques Used in Image Denoising through WaveletsSingh, M. D.; Sharma, Divya
22-Aug-2016Computer Aided Diagnostic System for Classification of MammogramsSingh, M. D.; Singh, Dharmesh
9-Aug-2012Designing a Framework for Noise dependent Filter Selection AlgorithmLamba, Ruchika; Singh, M. D.; Bakshi, Sapna
12-Jul-2012Detection and Classification of Stroke Using Texture Analysis on CT ImagesSingh, M. D.; Bhat, Pramod
23-Oct-2013Detection of heart diseases using PCG signalsSingh, M. D.; Cheema, Amandeep Kaur
15-Sep-2009Development and Analysis of Microwave Cavity and Magnetic Shielding for Rubidium Atomic ClockSingh, M. D.; Raghuwanshi, Satyendra Singh
9-Sep-2014Emotion Recognition using EEG based Topographic ImagesSingh, M. D.; Kumar, Panchal Jaydeep
31-Oct-2013Ethernet Communication for Control and Monitoring of Pole top Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)Singh, M. D.; Pardeshi, Suraj; Sharma, Prachi
15-Sep-2009Evaluation of Gabor Filter Parameters for Image Enhancement and SegmentationSingh, M. D.; Krishan, Abhay
13-Aug-2015Fatigue Detection Using Voice AnalysisSingh, M. D.; Sonika
26-Aug-2016Fault Diagnosis of Electric Motors Using Vibration Signal AnalysisSingh, M. D.; Tanya
26-Aug-2016Feature Extraction and Classification for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Character RecognitionSingh, M. D.; Kaur, Ramandeep
26-Sep-2008Filter Selection for Speckle Noise ReductionSingh, M. D.; Rukmini, Venkata
23-Jan-2024Investigations on Sleep Deprivation Induced Fatigue Detection Using Multimodal FusionSingh, M. D.; Virk, Jitender Singh
19-Apr-2007Machine Vision based Identification and Dimensional Measurement of Electronic ComponentsSingh, Mandeep; Singh, M. D.; Sachdeva, Jainy
8-Aug-2014Microcontroller Based Smart Street Light Control SystemSingh, M. D.; Sharma, Dheeraj
19-Aug-2015Microcontroller based wearable healthcare monitoring systemSingh, M. D.; Jain, Deepak
7-Oct-2011Morphology Based Approach to Recognize Number Plates in IndiaSingh, M. D.; Pandya, Phalgun