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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2012Analysis of Restructed Power System: A Case Study of Punjab StateKaur, Manvir; Singh, Harpreet
22-Aug-2018Calibrated High Performance Programmable Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator For PHY DriversKumar, Sunil; Agarwal, Alpana; Singh, Harpreet
28-Sep-2010Design and Formulation of Hybrid Bioactive Coatings Using Thermal Spray ProcessChhibber, Rahul; Chattopadhyay, A. K.; Singh, Harpreet
29-Dec-2020Drug Synergy for Cancer using Computational Intelligence TechniquesRana, Prashant Singh; Singh, Urvinder; Singh, Harpreet
4-Aug-2017Effect of Addition of SBS Polymer and Zycotherm on Bitumen and Bituminous Concrete Mix Prepared With Riverbed & Limestone AggregateChopra, Tanuj; Garg, Neena; Singh, Harpreet
4-Aug-2017An Emergency Message Dissemination Protocol Using Greedy Forwarding Technique and Clustering for VANETSRana, Prashant Singh; Singh, Harpreet
23-Sep-2008Evaluation Of Fracture Characteristics Of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel 20mnmoni55 Using Damage Mechanics ApproachChhibber, Rahul; Dutta, Bijan K.; Singh, Harpreet
9-Sep-2014An Experimental Investigation into the Dust Explosion of Bulk SolidsMallick, S. S.; Barman, Sanghamitra; Singh, Harpreet
15-Jul-2019An Investigation into Hopper Design and Solid Friction Factor for Pneumatic Conveying of Indian Fly AshSetia, Gautam; Sharma, Atul; Singh, Harpreet
2-Mar-2021An Investigation on Wet Tribology of Dispersed Solid Lubricants in The Presence of SurfactantBhowmick, Hiralal; Singh, Harpreet
31-Aug-2013Modeling, Analysis, Evaluation, Selection and Designing of NanocompositeAgrawal, V. P.; Singh, Harpreet
29-Mar-2018Wastewater Management Studies In Textile ProcessingReddy, Akepati Siva; Singh, Harpreet