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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2018Application of Immersed Boundary Method for Physiological Flow Analysis in 2D Stenosed ArteryKumar, Neeraj; Kumar, Manish; Singh, Gurpreet
29-Aug-2014Design and Development of ACO Routing Protocol for MANETsKumar, Neeraj; Verma, A. K.; Singh, Gurpreet
28-Jul-2011Design and Development of Honeypot for Proactive Monitoring of Campus NetworkSingh, Maninder; Singh, Gurpreet
17-Sep-2007Design of Information Systems: A Software Engineering ApproachBansal, P. K.; Goyal, D. P.; Singh, Gurpreet
29-Aug-2014Development of Optical Biosensor for the Detection of PesticidesMittal, Susheel; Singh, Gurpreet
6-Sep-2012Development of Submerged ARC Welding Fluxes for Welding of API 5L X65 SteelsKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Gurpreet
24-Aug-2018Effect of Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Ceramic Waste on Mechanical And Durability Properties of ConcreteSingh, Heaven; Singh, Gurpreet
1-Sep-2010Experimentation for Improvement in Surface Properties and Process Optimization of Die Steels by Using Powder Mixed Dielectric in EDM ProcessBatish, Ajay; Bhattacharya, Anirban; Singh, Gurpreet
17-Sep-2014Fabrication of Micro Channels Using Wire EDM for Optimum Process Parameter using MADAM - TOPSIS ApproachAgrawal, V. P.; Singh, Gurpreet
25-Sep-2012Investigation of Elastic Properties of CNT Reinforced Multi-scale Composites and Comparative Study of Different Models to Evaluate PropertiesBhardwaj, Gagandeep; Kumar, Lalit; Singh, Gurpreet
18-Apr-2007Operation Sequencing and Machining parametres selection for Rotational components using Genetic Algorithm and Expert systemBartarya. Gaurav; Singh, Gurpreet
23-May-2017Performance Characteristics of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Iron SlagSiddique, Rafat; Singh, Gurpreet
14-Aug-2013Preparation of low-cost microfiltration membranes from fly ashBulasara, Vijaya Kumar; Singh, Gurpreet
27-Jul-2011Profiling Campus Network using Network Penetration TestingSingh, Maninder; Kaushal, V. P. S.; Singh, Gurpreet
7-Mar-2013Strength And Durability Studies of Concrete Containing Waste Foundry SandSiddique, Rafat; Singh, Gurpreet
17-Aug-2011Strength and Permeability Studies of Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating Fly Ash and Silica FumeSiddique, Rafat; Singh, Gurpreet
24-Oct-2019Studies on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Nanofluids in Flat Vertical TubesGangacharyulu, D.; Singh, Gurpreet
4-Sep-2013Study of wave propagation in elastic and thermoelastic solidsSharma, Satish Kumar; Singh, Gurpreet
17-Aug-2017The Synergistic Influence of Chemical Composition and Industrial Annealing Processes on L├╝ders Bands Formation in Interstitial Free High Strength SteelsNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Gurpreet
9-Sep-2012Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Damage Detection in Cylindrical Geometries for Torsion and Corrosion DefectsSharma, Shruti; Singh, Gurpreet