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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2016An Adaptive Hybrid Algorithm For Digital Image Copy-Move Forgery DetectionSharma, Sanjay; Jindal, Neeru; Lamba, Amanjot Kaur
1-Feb-2016Algorithm and Architecture Design of DDS Synthesizers for Improved Performance of PLLSharma, Sanjay; Patel, Govind
11-Aug-2017Bandwidth Allocation for Multiple- User and Multiple- Relay Cooperative Systems Using Stackelberg GameSharma, Sanjay; Rahi, Priyanka
2008Crest Factor Reduction in Digital Front End Hardware for wireless Base Station TransmitterSharma, Sanjay; Vaibhav
25-Nov-2011Decay of Higher Order Solitons in the Presence of Dispersion, Self-steeping & Raman ScatteringSharma, Sanjay; Rawal, Vidhu
20-Jul-2011Design and Analyis of Microcrystalline Photonic Structures for Micro SensorsSharma, Sanjay; Tuteja, Anshul
30-Oct-2017Design and Analysis of Multilevel Coding Scheme with Cooperative Diversity for Improved System PerformanceSharma, Sanjay; Aneja, Sakshi
27-Jul-2015Design and Analysis of Sharpened CIC FilterSharma, Sanjay; Singhal, Anirudh
27-Feb-2024Design and Analysis of Some Studies on Low Power Hybrid AdderSharma, Sanjay; Sharma, Priyank
1-Mar-2007Design and Implementation of First-in First-out MemorySharma, Sanjay; Pung, Dhiraj
19-Aug-2008Design of Down Converter for WCDMA Base Station TransmittersSharma, Sanjay; Kahlon, Navroop Kaur
27-Feb-2017Design of Improved Coding Schemes with Low Peak to Average Power Ratio for OFDM SystemSharma, Sanjay; Singh, Hardeep; Uppal, Sabhyata
4-Nov-2016Designing of Enhanced Gain Aperture Coupled Dielectric Resonator AntennaSharma, Sanjay; Kohli, Amit Kumar; Batra, Deepak
17-Aug-2022Development of Efficient Resource Allocation Techniques for Cooperative Communication Networks using Game Theoretic ModelsSharma, Sanjay; Kumar, Ravi; Lamba, Amanjot Kaur
30-Sep-2008Development of Real Time Data Acquisition Using PC Printer Port on Virtual Instrument PlatformSharma, Sanjay; Kumar, Sunil
27-Aug-2013Different access mechanisms for set-associative cache architecture for reduced power consumptionSharma, Sanjay; Pandey, Ankita
7-Oct-2013Digital Compensation for the Non Linearity of RF Amplifiers In Wideband Wireless ApplicationsSharma, Sanjay; Pasricha, Ruchi
24-Sep-2008Digital Predistortion In WCDMA Power Amplifier Using Embedded ProcessorSharma, Sanjay; Singh, Pawan Kumar
4-Aug-2016Droop Compensated CIC Decimation Filter With Improved PerformanceSharma, Sanjay; Kaur, Gaganjot
8-Apr-2008DSP Core Design Using FPGAsAttri, Sanjay; Sharma, Sanjay