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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2022Assessment of Damage in Corroded and FRP Repaired Corroded Beams Using Advanced NDT TechniquesSharma, Shruti; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Garhwal, Sunil
27-Aug-2015Damage Severity Assessment in Ductile and Brittle Media Using Improved b Value Analysis of AE DataSharma, Sandeep Kumar; Sharma, Amit
25-Aug-2015Design of Automotive Sun Visor SystemDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Dewedi, Sourabh
25-Aug-2011Finite Element Approach for Simulation of Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Machining Process and Experimental ValidationBhattacharya, Anirban; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Singh, Kulwinder
10-Nov-2014Health Monitoring of Submerged Plates Using Ultrasonic Guided WavesMukherjee, Abhijit; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar
11-Sep-2017Investigation of failure in different materials using acoustic emission techniqueSharma, Sandeep Kumar; Sharma, Kamaldeep
18-Feb-2013Photocatalytic Treatment of Textile EffluentBhunia, Haripada; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar
11-Aug-2016Study of Relationship of Mechanical Properties of Indian Wood Species with Cutting Forces and Surface Finish in Slot Milling using a High Speed 3-axis Vertical CNC Router SystemDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Singh, Vickramjeet
25-Jul-2018Ultrasonic Guided Wave and Acoustic Emission Techniques for monitoring corrosion in Reinforced Concrete StructuresSharma, Shruti; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Sharma, Ashutosh
20-Oct-2016Ultrasonic Wave Propagation through Solid MediaSharma, Sandeep Kumar; Dhiman, Vishal