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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2013Acoustic Features Based Automatic Segmentation of SyllablesSharma, R. K.; Kaur, Harsimran
21-Aug-2012Automatic Identification of Modal, Breathy and Creaky VoicesSharma, R. K.; Sharma, Ajay
21-Aug-2012Automatic Identification of Silence, Voiced and Unvoiced Chunks in SpeechSharma, R. K.; Sharma, Poonam
3-Aug-2015Automation of Pitch Accent Markings in Punjabi SpeechSharma, R. K.; Bansal, Minakshi
28-Aug-2018A Business Intelligence DashboardSharma, R. K.; Rajanna, Ravi Sandesh Gubbi; Mathur, Taniya
31-Jul-2018Classification of Hat-, Skirt- and Sunglass-Images Using Transfer Learning from FMNIST DatasetSharma, R. K.; Das, Rajenki
6-Aug-2010Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS) in the Manufacturing Sector: A Study of Procurement, Implementation, use and EvaluationKiran, Ravi; Sharma, R. K.; Dharni, Khushdeep Kumar
22-Aug-2018Convolutional Neural Network Models for Image Classification and Object DetectionSharma, R. K.; Rana, Prashant Singh; Udadhyay, Shweta
7-Nov-2013Development of Efficient Algorithms for JPEG2000 Image CoderSharma, R. K.; Sharma, M. K.; Singh, Singara
19-Aug-2014Development of Phonetic Engine for Punjabi LanguageSharma, R. K.; Mittal, Sakshi
1-Sep-2016DFT Based Feature Extraction Technique for Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Strokes using SVMSharma, R. K.; Aggarwal, Keerti
25-Sep-2015Efficient Detection and Interpretation of Clusters in High Dimensional DatabasesSharma, R. K.; Singh, V.P.; Mittal, Mamta
11-Sep-2017Efficient Hidden Markov Models for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Script RecognitionSharma, R. K.; Verma, Karun
9-Aug-2019Efficient Object Detection using Transfer LearningSharma, R. K.; Singh, Harshdeep
1-Nov-2015Efficient Pre-processing, Feature Extraction and Post-Processing Algorithms for Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi ScriptSharma, R. K.; Sharma, Anuj; Kumar, Ravinder
13-Aug-2012Efficient Preprocessing of Strokes for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi ScriptSharma, R. K.; Gupta, Mayank
4-Oct-2011Estimating Buffer Size Using Positive Normal Distribution in Wireless NetworksSharma, R. K.; Gupta, Richa
23-Aug-2010Forecasting the Stock Index of SBI Using Wave-NetsSharma, R. K.; Bansal, Shivi
4-Sep-2017A Framework for Efficient Web Services DiscoverySharma, R. K.; Chander, Kailash
6-Oct-2016Handwritten Gurmukhi Akshara Recognition Using Convolutional Neural NetworkSharma, R. K.; Manoor, Maneet