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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2010Alpha Decay Branching Ratios and Its Possible Implications Regarding Nuclear StructureSharma, Manoj Kumar; Gurvarinder
19-Aug-2013Analysis of different decay modes of 210rn* nucleus at above barrier energiesSharma, Manoj Kumar; Sharma, Kanishka
5-Nov-2012Collective Clusterization in Ground and Excited States of Nuclear Systems at Low EnergiesSharma, Manoj Kumar; Sawhney, Gudveen
31-Aug-2010Comparative Analysis of Decay Processes in 20 Ne + 181Ta → 201Bi ReactionSharma, Manoj Kumar; Kaur, Gurvinder
13-Aug-2012Decay of 228Th* Formed Using Radioactive Beam 132Sn at Above Barrier EnergiesSharma, Manoj Kumar; Mittal, Honey
2-Nov-2010Dynamics of Fusion-Fission and Related Phenomena at Low EnergiesSharma, Manoj Kumar; Gupta, Raj K.; Kanwar, Shefali
28-Sep-2012Fission Dynamics of 268 Sg Formed in 30 Si+238 U Reaction Around the Coulomb Barrier.Sharma, Manoj Kumar; Singh, Rimi
1-Jul-2012Formation and Decay of Exotic Nuclear System using Energy Density FormalismSharma, Manoj Kumar; Sharma, Manoj Kumar
30-Aug-2011Halo structure of neutron drip line nuclei and related aspectsSharma, Manoj Kumar; Silky
22-Sep-2014Investigation of 1n-evaporation channel of Superheavy nuclei with Z=102-113Sharma, Manoj Kumar; Kaur, Gurjit
26-Aug-2010Investigation of Fusion Hindrance in the Decay of Pre-actinide 204Po84 Nuclear SystemSharma, Manoj Kumar; Sharma, Nandini
4-Aug-2009Magicity Among Super Deformed Nuclei using Two Center Shell ModelSharma, Manoj Kumar; Singla, Shilpy
6-Sep-2011Neutron Induced Reaction Dynamics, Using Dynamical Cluster Decay ModelSharma, Manoj Kumar; Goyal, Komal
28-May-2016Nuclear reaction and structure effects near and beyond the β-stability lineSharma, Manoj Kumar; Kumar, Mahesh
3-Jan-2012Role of Deformation Sand Related Aspects in Super Heavy RegionSharma, Manoj Kumar; Kumar, Sunil
4-Aug-2009Role of Deformations in Cluster Radioactivity using Modified Preformed Cluster ModelSharma, Manoj Kumar; Sawhney, Gudveen
3-Nov-2009Role of Deformations in Decay of 196pt formed in 132Sn+64Ni ReactionSharma, Manoj Kumar; Rani, Shweta
26-Aug-2010Role of Deformations in the Decay of 286112 formed in 48Ca+238U ReactionSharma, Manoj Kumar; Sandhu, Kirandeep
1-Sep-2011Role of Proximity Interaction in Fusion-Fission and Related PhenomenaSharma, Manoj Kumar; Rajni
12-Aug-2013Role of Spin Saturated and Unsaturated Interaction Potentials in Extended Thomas-Fermi ApproachSharma, Manoj Kumar; Jain, Shivani