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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2019Deacy of heavy and superheavy nuclei formed in a variety of nuclear reactionsSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Amandeep
24-Dec-2021Decay of Nuclear Systems with A~110-260 and Related Stability AspectsKumar, Raj; Sharma, Manoj K.; Virk, Navjot Kaur
14-Jan-2020Decay Patterns and Related Dynamical Aspects of Superheavy Nuclear SystemsSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Gurjit
9-Jan-2020Dynamics of Different Fission Mechanisms Using Fragmentation ApproachSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Amandeep
24-Oct-2019Dynamics of heavy ion reactions involving compound and non compound nucleus mechanismsSharma, Manoj K.; Grover, Neha
12-Aug-2015Dynamics of nuclear reactions in superheavy mass regionSharma, Manoj K.; Sandhu, Kirandeep
14-Aug-2015Dynamics of weakly bound projectile induced reactions using fragmentation approachSharma, Manoj K.; Dawar, Shilakha
28-May-2014Employee empowerment and organizational effectiveness: a comparative study of public, private and foreign banks in some north Indian statesSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Gurvinder
7-Aug-2023Exploration of Nuclear Matter Properties and Related Thermodynamical AspectsSharma, Manoj K.; Patra, S. K.; Parmar, Vishal
10-Sep-2019Fragmentation Analysis of 88Mo* Compound Nucleus in View of Different Decay MechanismsSharma, Manoj K.; Bhaktima
1-Sep-2016Fragmentation Analysis of Dripline Nuclei in View of Proton RadioactivitySharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Rupinder
2019Fusion analysis of Nobelium isotopes via Pb + Ca based reactionsSharma, Manoj K.; Sharma, Yukti
2019Fusion Dynamics of 16o + 72,76ge →88,92zr Reactions Using Skyrme Energy Density FormalismSharma, Manoj K.; Nagpal, Anu
10-Nov-2021Fusion dynamics of mass-asymmetric reactions using Skyrme based nuclear potentialsSharma, Manoj K.; Amritpal
27-Oct-2021Fusion-Fission Analysis of Various Nuclei with ACN ~ 40 -150 Formed Via Identical Projectile and Target CombinationsSharma, Manoj K.; Manish, Kumar
22-Nov-2014Fusion-Fission and Associated Nuclear Structure Effects at Low EnergiesSharma, Manoj K.; Jain, Deepika
10-Sep-2019Liquid-Gas Phase Transition in Nuclear Matter Within Relativistic Mean Field TheorySharma, Manoj K.; Patra, S. K.; Parmar, Vishal
17-Aug-2012Neutron and Heavy-Ion Induced Reactions Using 204,208Pb TargetsSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Amandeep
20-Sep-2022Optimization of Semi-empirical Mass Formula Based on Experimental and Microscopic Theoretical DataSharma, Manoj K.; Nitika