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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2011Algorithms for Maximal Flow ProblemsSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Rani, Ishu
10-Aug-2010An-Approach to Solve a Bi-Objective Un-Capacitated Facility Location ProblemGarg, Deepak; Sharma, Mahesh Kumar; Gudla, Bala Krishna
8-Sep-2012Cost-Time Trade off Pairs for Fixed Charge Bicriterion Indefinite Quadratic Transportation Problem with Enhanced FlowSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Chugh, Taruna
6-Jul-2022Development of Efficient Watermarking Techniques for Document ImagesSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Singh, Balkar
31-Jul-2017Economic Ordering Policy of Inventory Model with Exponential Declining Demand Considering Production and Non Production Periods for Single Vendor and Multiple BuyersSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Sharma, Ankit
26-Aug-2009Effects of Coriolis Force on the Equilibrium Structures of Rotationally and Tidally Distorted Stellar Models.Sharma, Mahesh Kumar; Jain, Nidhi
8-Sep-2012Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Fire Station Location ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Sharma, Dipty
14-Oct-2022Efficient Methods for Solving Some Optimization Problems Under Fuzzy Environment and their ExtensionsKumar, Amit; Sharma, Mahesh Kumar; Appadoo, S. S.; Bhatia, Tanveen Kaur
27-Aug-2009Efficient Solutions for the Multi-Objective Transportation ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Kohli, Amita
13-Sep-2014Fuzzy Inventory Models for Crisp and Fuzzy Production Quantity With Trapezoidal Fuzzy NumbersSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Aggarwal, Neha
19-Aug-2013Genetic and Heuristic Algorithms for Fire Station Location ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Singh, Singara; Sholliya, Shourabh
27-Jul-2018An Integrated Inventory Model of Deteriorated Items with Exponential Demand and Linear Deterioration RateSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Ahuja, Raina
27-Jul-2018An Integrated Inventory Model With Controllable Lead Time and Additional Transportation CostSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Bhatia, Tanveen Kaur
8-Sep-2012A Modified Approach for Bi-Criterion Call Center ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Chhabra, Kavita
16-Sep-2010Multi-Index Fixed Charge Bi-Criterion Transportation Problem with Restricted FlowSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Singla, Shibani
27-Aug-2009Multi-Index Fixed Charge Bicriterion Transportation ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Gupta, Deepika
8-Sep-2015Multiple item inventory models with various demand functions and constraintsSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Kaur, Gaganpreet
16-Sep-2011A New Heuristic Algorithm for Multiobjective Bulk Transportation ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Singh, Sukhveer
16-Sep-2010A Single Step CPM Time-Cost Tradeoff AlgorithmSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Kaur, Gurpreet
8-Sep-2012Total Time Minimization Solid Transportation ProblemSharma, Mahesh Kumar; Gakhar, Deepika