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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2015Adsorption of Indole and Ortho-phenylenediamine on Activated CarbonKushwaha, J. P.; Sangal, V. K.; Kumar, Harish
5-Sep-2014Adsorption Study for the Treatment of Wastewater Using Cloisite 15A as an AdsorbentMehta, Rajeev; Sangal, V. K.; Kalotra, Shivani
16-Jul-2013Adsorptive treatment of textile wastewater by activated carbon based on peanut shellSangal, V. K.; Kushwaha, J. P.; Saluja, Rashmi
4-Aug-2010Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water by ElectrocoagulationGupta, R. K.; Sangal, V. K.; Chetna
4-Sep-2014Dairy Waste Water Treatment by Continuous Electrochemical ProcessKushwaha, J. P.; Sangal, V. K.; Kumari, Poonam
9-Aug-2016Modeling and Optimization of Nanofluid Based Heat Exchanger using ANNLal, Kundan; Sangal, V. K.; Arya, Navneet
26-Aug-2017Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceuticals WastewaterSangal, V. K.; Pooja
27-Aug-2012Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dye Effluent Using Catalyst TiO2/Doped TiO2Sangal, V. K.; Bajpai, P. K.; Garg, Alok
26-Aug-2019Removal of Aromatic Amines and Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using NanoadsorbentKushwaha, J. P.; Sangal, V. K.; Toor, Sehaspreet Kaur
28-Aug-2012Simulation Studies of Divided Wall Distillation ColumnSangal, V. K.; Kaur, Jasdeep
5-Feb-2020Studies on the treatment of the human urine using Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation ProcessVerma, Anoop; Sangal, V. K.; Singla, Jayishnu
28-Aug-2012Studies on Treatment of Textile Industry WastewaterSangal, V. K.; Kushwaha, J. P.; Bansal, Sachin
12-Aug-2010Study of Electrocoagulation and Combined Electrocoagulation-Oxidation Processes for Dye RemovalGupta, R. K.; Sangal, V. K.; Yadav, Ravi
24-Aug-2017Treatment of Cutting Oil Emulsion by Electro-Oxidation ProcessSangal, V. K.; Kaur, Ramanpreet