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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2014Comparative analysis of different bypassing based multiplierSakshi; Kumar, Sunil
22-Aug-2014Design and implementation of a dynamic range detection based multiplierSakshi; Verma, Sonia
26-Jun-2012Design and Implementation of a High Speed Pipelined Floating Point MultiplierSakshi; Shaifali
27-Aug-2013Design and implementation of a multiplier using regular partial productSakshi; Bipin
26-Jul-2012Design and Implementation of an Optimized Viterbi DecoderSakshi; Gupta, Suneha
22-Aug-2014Design and implementation of efficient adder based floating point multiplierSakshi; Bhardwaj, Lokesh
27-Aug-2013Design and implementation of single precision floating point multiplier using divide and conquer techniqueSakshi; Singla, Vishal
27-Aug-2013Design of bypassing multiplierSakshi; Ahuja, Manchal
27-Sep-2017Designing of Biosensors Based on Photonic Crystal Fibers and their Performance AnalysisKaler, R. S.; Sakshi
30-Jun-2020Efficient Implementation of Adaptive Filters and Classifiers Using Multilayer Perceptron Feedforward Neural NetworkKumar, Ravi; Sakshi
22-Aug-2017FPGA Implementation of Pre Encoded MultipliersSakshi; Motla, Salma
22-Sep-2017Implementation of Hebbian - LMS AlgorithmSakshi; Vartika
26-Jul-2010Low Power Multiplier Design using Gate Diffusion Input CMOS LogicSakshi; Jindal, Amit
27-Aug-2009On Groups of Odd Order With Exactly Two Non-Central Conjugacy Classes of Each SizeGumber, Deepak; Sakshi
1-Aug-2016A Study of New Topologies on R.Kaur, Jatinderdeep; Sakshi