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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Oct-2010An Analytical Finite Element Technique for Predicting Thrust Force and Torque in Drilling ProcessSaini, J. S.; Mittal, Ashish
31-Aug-2016CAE Analysis of HVAC Module of Car Air Conditioning SystemSingh, Daljeet; Saini, J. S.; Jadon, Anjana Singh
17-Sep-2012CNC Tool Path in Terms of Parametric SurfaceSaini, J. S.; Verma, Amit Kumar
1-May-2007Computer Aided Engineering For Gear BoxSaini, J. S.; Shibe, Vineet
16-Aug-2017Crack Growth Analysis of CNT Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite using XFEMBhardwaj, Gagandeep; Saini, J. S.; Negi, Alok
29-Sep-2008DQM Free Vibration Analysis of Composite Plates With Elasticacally Restarined EdgesSharma, Ashish; Saini, J. S.; Singh, Lakhmi
29-Sep-2008DQM Free Vibration Analysis of Multi Span Composite Laminated PlatesSharma, Ashish; Saini, J. S.; Yadav, Raju
19-Aug-2019Effect of Cooling Systems along with Thickness Variations on Injection Molding Warpage Results and CAE Correlations for Automation of Autodesk MoldflowBhardwaj, Gagandeep; Saini, J. S.; Ganeboina, Srinivas; Gupta, Bharat
19-Apr-2007Effect of Finite Element Mesh Orientation on the Solution Accuracy of Torsional ProblemsSaini, J. S.; Anand, Yatheshth
1-May-2007Exprimental and Numerical Analysis of Tensile TestSaini, J. S.; Kaur, Gurpreet
12-Aug-2016Failure Analysis of Double Pin- Loaded Holes in Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite LaminatesBhunia, H.; Saini, J. S.; Singh, Paramdeep
14-Sep-2018Failure Analysis of Homogeneous Material under Mechanical Loading using Extended Isogeometric AnalysisBhardwaj, Gagandeep; Saini, J. S.; Bedi, Vansh
9-Sep-2014Failure Analysis of Pin Joints in Carbon-Epoxy Nanoclay Composite LaminatesSaini, J. S.; Bhunia, Haripada; Badhwar, Rohit
2-Sep-2014Failure Analysis of Pin Joints in Glass-Epoxy Nanoclay Composite LaminatesBhunia, Haripada; Saini, J. S.; Singh, Mandeep
31-Aug-2016Failure Analysis of Single Pin Hole in Polymer Composite Laminates with addition of different NanofillersSaini, J. S.; Bhunia, H.; Gupta, Piyush
23-Sep-2009Failure Mode of Steel Tension Members Due to Change in Connection Eccentricity and Connection LengthSaini, J. S.; Kumar, Diwaker
19-Apr-2007Fuzzy Logic Based Fabrication Copensator for Rotary Mechanical SystemsSingh, Yaduvir; Saini, J. S.; Chahil, Gurpreet Singh
1-May-2007Improvement of Finite Element MeshesSaini, J. S.; Mohinder, Mohan
16-Aug-2017Investigation of different parameters on the performance of single lap jointsSaini, J. S.; Bhunia, Haripada; Singh, Jaspreet
24-Aug-2015Investigation of mechanical and wear properties for SiC/Gr reinforcement Al359 alloy based metal matrix compositeSaini, J. S.; Bansal, Shubhranshu