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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2022Big Data Analytics for Demand Response in Smart GridRana, Prashant Singh; Kumar, Neeraj; Kumari, Sanju
30-Aug-2017Classification of E.coli, Lactobacillus and Bacillus Subtilis Using Computational Intelligence ApproachRana, Prashant Singh; Sharma, Chirag
22-Aug-2018Convolutional Neural Network Models for Image Classification and Object DetectionSharma, R. K.; Rana, Prashant Singh; Udadhyay, Shweta
3-Feb-2020Dependability Evaluation of Wireless Sensor NetworksVerma, Anil Kumar; Rana, Prashant Singh; Sandhu, Jasminder Kaur
27-Jul-2023Design and Development of a Novel Framework for the Identification of Roundabouts in a given MapRana, Prashant Singh; Jindal, Neeru; Singh, Rakesh
29-Dec-2020Drug Synergy for Cancer using Computational Intelligence TechniquesRana, Prashant Singh; Singh, Urvinder; Singh, Harpreet
23-Jun-2021Efficient Forecasting of Crop Water DemandRana, Prashant Singh; Kumar, Ravinder; Sidhu, Ravneet Kaur
21-Oct-2021Efficient Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data AnalyticsBawa, Seema; Rana, Prashant Singh; Sharma, Gaurav
4-Aug-2017An Emergency Message Dissemination Protocol Using Greedy Forwarding Technique and Clustering for VANETSRana, Prashant Singh; Singh, Harpreet
27-Nov-2020Ensemble Approach for Antigenic Epitopes Prediction using Physicochemical PropertiesRana, Prashant Singh; Khanna, Divya
6-Jun-2019Ensemble Machine Learning Framework for Big Data AnalyticsBawa, Seema; Rana, Prashant Singh; Hooda, Nishtha
21-Aug-2018Image Processing and Prioritization Through TOPSISRana, Prashant Singh; Bhandari, Vivek Singh
3-Aug-2018Loss Prevention and Fraud Detection SystemRana, Prashant Singh; Sharma, Lalit
4-Aug-2017Multiple Decision Techniques for RMSD prediction of Protein StructureRana, Prashant Singh; Kaur, Jagmeet
22-Aug-2016Optimization of cutting parameters in machining of UD-GFRP with PCD tool using NSGA IIRana, Prashant Singh; Kumar, Manish
16-Aug-2017Optimization of Rate of Reaction Using Nature Inspired AlgorithmsRana, Prashant Singh; Modi, Shatrughan; Shrivastava, Akash
11-Aug-2017Predicting Solubility of Chemical Compounds Computationally: An Ensemble Approach using QSAR ModelsRana, Prashant Singh; Sharma, Kanika
31-Jul-2017Prediction of Rate of Chemical Reaction using Computational IntelligenceRana, Prashant Singh; Singh, V. P.; Kapoor, Abhishek
10-Aug-2018Prioritization of Modelled Protein Structures using Pareto points and TOPSISRana, Prashant Singh; Aulakh, Tarandeep Singh
15-May-2023Survival Prediction of Glioblastoma Patients Using Pre-Operative Brain MRI ScansRana, Prashant Singh; Arora, Vinay; Kaur, Gurinderjeet