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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2019Alkenylation of Naphthalimide via Ruthenium(II)- Catalysed C-H ActivationPaul, Kamaldeep; Bansal, Diksha
11-May-2023C–H Functionalization of Heterocyclic Moieties using Transition Metal Catalyst for Evaluation of Anticancer ActivityPaul, Kamaldeep; Singla, Dinesh
24-Jul-2015Design and Synthesis of Benzimidazole Core Moieties and Structure Activity Relationship Studies Based on In Vitro Evaluation as Anticancer DrugsPaul, Kamaldeep; Sharma, Alka
4-Oct-2017Fluorescent Dyads as Sensors for Particular Cations and AnionsPaul, Kamaldeep; Luxmi, Vijay; Rani, Richa
22-Sep-2020Molecular Hybridization Approach for the Synthesis And Evaluation Of New Heterocyclic Compounds As Potential Anticancer AgentsPaul, Kamaldeep; Singh, Iqubal
8-Aug-2011Regioselective Nitration/Amination of N-Allylated Benzimidazole DerivativesPaul, Kamaldeep; Rohini
27-Oct-2016Ring and Side Chain Alkylation of Toluene with Methanol over Modified Zeolite BetaBarman, Sanghamitra; Paul, Kamaldeep; Raparia, Yashika
26-Sep-2023Ruthenium-catalyzed Regioselective C-2 Alkenylation of Naphthalimide-benzothiazole ConjugatesPaul, Kamaldeep; Prashar, Abhinav
27-Aug-2019Synthesis and Characterization of 1,3,5-Triazine and Naphthalimide Conjugates as Anticancer AgentsPaul, Kamaldeep; Gupta, Saurabh
23-Aug-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Indole and benzimidazole Conjugates as Anticancer AgentsPaul, Kamaldeep; Singh, Satnam; Rohini
9-Sep-2013Synthesis and Characterization of N-aryl Maleimide DerivativesPaul, Kamaldeep; Kaur, Arpan Deep
25-Jul-2018Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrazole and Perimidine Conjugates as Anticancer AgentsPaul, Kamaldeep; Kaur, Jasleen
5-Sep-2012Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation of Coumarin - Benzimidazole Hybrids as Anticancer AgentsPaul, Kamaldeep; Luxami, Vijay; Bindal, Shweta
16-Mar-2016Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of fused heterocycles and triazine analoguesPaul, Kamaldeep; Prinka
16-Oct-2015Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation of Heterocyclic Core Moieties as Anticancer AgentsPaul, Kamaldeep; Verma, Meenakshi
1-Nov-2021Synthesis and In vitro Evaluation of Triphenylethylene and Naphthalimide Derivatives for Anticancer ActivityPaul, Kamaldeep; Rani, Sudesh
11-Sep-2023Synthesis and interaction studies of Naphthalimide-Azide based probes with Serum AlbuminsPaul, Kamaldeep; Choudhury, Diptiman; Komal, Verma
3-Sep-2014Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Thiazolidin-2,4-dione DerivativesPaul, Kamaldeep; Kaur, Charanpreet
6-Aug-2015Synthesis of aminoacetamide substituted naphthalimide derivativesPaul, Kamaldeep; Sharma, Sheryl
28-Jul-2017Synthesis of Indole-Benzothiazole-Acridone Hybrids for Anticancer ActivityPaul, Kamaldeep; Khurana, Bhavya