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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2012Analysis and Design of CMOS Comparator based on gm/Id Approach for CBSC CircuitsPandey, Rishikesh; Patyal, Abhishek
24-Aug-2018Design and Analysis of Current Differencing Transconductance AmplifierPandey, Rishikesh; Kour, Raviraj
14-Aug-2019Design and Analysis of Fully Differential Double-Tail Dynamic Comparator Using Charge Sharing TechniquePandey, Rishikesh; Chaudhary, Sanchita
29-Sep-2022Design and Analysis of High Performance Voltage Reference CircuitsPandey, Rishikesh; Rai, Shireesh; Thakur, Arvind
18-Oct-2023Design and Analysis of Structurally Engineered Junctionless Field-Effect-TransistorChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Pandey, Rishikesh; Kumar, Sandeep
3-Aug-2016Design of Adaptive Biased Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Enhanced DC GainPandey, Rishikesh; Bansal, Nidhi
24-Aug-2018Design of Area and Power Efficiect N-Bit Digital Binary ComparatorPandey, Rishikesh; Tyagi, Piyush
21-Aug-2017Design of Class-AB Level Shifted Flipped Voltage Follower CellPandey, Rishikesh; Caffey
28-Aug-2012Design of CMOS Current Conveyors for Analog VLSIPandey, Rishikesh; Arora, Varun
17-Sep-2013Design of CMOS low drop-out regulator with improved PSRRPandey, Rishikesh; Mishra, Ashvani Kumar
24-Aug-2017Design of CMOS Operational Transresistance Amplifier with Improved Gain and BandwidthPandey, Rishikesh; Mehta, Gitesh
31-Aug-2017Design of Dual Output Differential Pair Second Generation Current ConveyorPandey, Rishikesh; Singh, Radhika
22-Aug-2016Design of Low Drop-out Voltage Regulator with Improved PSRR and Low Quiescent CurrentPandey, Rishikesh; Wadhera, Swati
2016Design of Low Voltage Low Power Analog Circuits Based On Quasi-Floating Gate MOSFETsPandey, Rishikesh; Kiran, Bhanu
3-Aug-2015Design of Low-Voltage Current Mirrors using Flipped Voltage Follower CellPandey, Rishikesh; Shrivastava, Abhishek
3-Aug-2015Design of Multi-Output Second Generation Current Controlled ConveyorPandey, Rishikesh; Kumar, Ankit
14-Aug-2014High Frequency Low Voltage CMOS Current Feedback Operational Amplifier Based Analog Building BlocksPandey, Rishikesh; Mathur, Chitransh
3-Aug-2015High Precision Low-Voltage WTA/LTA Circuit and its ApplicationsPandey, Rishikesh; Singh, Sahib
26-Aug-2014A Highly Linear Floating Gate MOSFET based Source-Degenerated OTA and Its Applications in Realizing Inductor, Tunable Resistors and Filters for Signal ProcessingPandey, Rishikesh; Dubey, Tanmay
29-Aug-2022An Investigation of Flipped Voltage Follower Cells for Analog VLSI CircuitsPandey, Rishikesh; Caffey